Wuthering waves beginner guide How to level up fast in wuthering waves Wuthering waves tips

A Wuthering Waves Beginner Guide on How to Level Up Fast and Gain XP

Looking to level up quickly in Kuro Games’ new free-to-play RPG? In this Wuthering Waves beginner guide, we will show you not only how to level up fast in the game, but also give a few handy Wuthering Waves tips you can try. This Genshin-esque title is set in a fully open-world with rich storytelling and dynamic combat. Players, known as Rovers, awaken from a long slumber to explore a world filled with new technology and dangers.

Before we start thinking about leveling up and learning advanced features of the game, here’s a base guide to help you get started.

Wuthering Waves Beginner Guide

Exploration is key in Wuthering Waves. Roam the vast map to find treasure chests, fight enemies, solve puzzles, and more. In simple words, exploring helps you progress faster as you earn Union Level EXP, Astrite, and other useful rewards. You can control one of three characters, known as resonators, at a time and switch between them during combat.

Wuthering waves beginner guide How to level up fast in wuthering waves Wuthering waves tips
Image Source: Kuro Games

How to Level Up Fast in Wuthering Waves

To level up quickly, you’ll need to gain Union EXP, which increases your Union Level. Here are the best ways to do that:

  1. Complete Quests: Completing quests is one of the best ways to earn Union EXP. There are several types of quests:
    • Main Quests: These offer the most EXP.
    • Companion Quests: These are also great for earning EXP.
    • Side Quests, Exploration Quests, and Activities: These provide less EXP but are still worth doing.
  2. Defeat Bosses in Tacet Fields or Simulations: Targeting and defeating bosses in these areas can earn you a lot of Union EXP. Use Waveplates, the game’s stamina system, to gain even more rewards.
  3. Explore the Open World: Wuthering Waves‘ world is full of surprises. As you explore by foot, glider, grappling, or climbing, you’ll find puzzles, hidden treasures, crafting items, and trials that all give you Union EXP. The more you explore, the more EXP you’ll earn.

Wuthering Waves Tips

Wuthering waves beginner guide How to level up fast in wuthering waves Wuthering waves tips
Image Source: Kuro Games

Here are some extra tips to help you progress faster in Wuthering Waves:

  • Understand Each Character’s Abilities: Each resonator has unique mechanics. Use their special skills in combination with normal attacks and resonance skills for maximum efficiency.
  • Use Echoes: Defeating enemies may allow you to capture their abilities as Echoes. Equipping these provides stat bonuses and special abilities. Matching Echoes of the same element activates Sonata Effects, offering even more bonuses.
  • Keep Raising Your Union Level: As you level up, the game gets harder, but the rewards become more impressive. Higher Union Levels mean better chances at rare enemies and materials.
  • Use Resonance Beacons: Travel quickly using these beacons to save time.
  • Manage Your Currency: Spend Shell Credits wisely to improve your characters. Farm and save Astrite, the in-game currency, for pulling on Convene Banners to get new resonators and weapons.

Wuthering Waves is available to play on PC and Android / iOS devices.

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