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Amazon Fallout Twitch Event Kicks Off This Week

Mark your calendars for April 11th and get ready for the Amazon Fallout Twitch event as well as the exciting lineup of free games for Prime Gaming members. Amazon Prime’s Fallout show is whole new take on on the beloved role-playing video game franchise by Bethesda. It’s going to be an action-packed month for fans of the Fallout series!

Created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, Amazon Prime’s Fallout series will feature Walton Goggins as the The Ghoul/Cooper Howard and Ella Purnell as young Vault Dweller Lucy. Set 200 years after an apocalyptic event, Amazon Prime’s Fallout show follows the journey of those emerging from fallout shelters back into the dangerous world outside.

amazon fallout twitch
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Don’t Miss The Amazon Fallout Twitch Event

Great news for all the vault boys out there as the very first episode of Amazon Prime’s post-apocalyptic series will be streaming on Twitch starting April 11th. So, whether you’re subscribed to Prime Video or not, you can catch the series premiere on Twitch.

Several popular streamers like Shroud, BrookAB, and TheOnlyRyann will be sharing the first episode live on Twitch for everyone to enjoy for free. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime members are in for a treat as April brings a lineup of ‘free’ titles for Prime Gaming members. Prime Gaming, included with an Amazon Prime subscription, offers PC games to keep and exclusive in-game content every month.

This month, subscribers can download 12 titles, including the popular Fallout 76 game from Bethesda as part of the Amazon Fallout Twitch event. Fallout 76 will be available on both PC and Xbox consoles, starting later this week.

In the meantime, fans of the game series can check out the amazing fan film Deadweight on YouTube. Directed by Nigel J. Kim, Deadweight is a  12-minute spectacle set within the world of Fallout 4, the film centers around the iconic character Nate, and is a must-watch for the hardcore fans before they delve into the Amazon Prime series.

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