Armoured Core 6 Price Increase

Armoured Core 6 Bumping Up The Price Of It’s Entire Series

Ever since Bandai Namco and From Software’s announcement for Armoured Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, players have been very hyped for the new Triple-A game. Most of them have gone back to the old Armoured Core games to get a bit of nostalgia and to prepare for the new Armoured Core game. The market has seen this as an opportunity and now the Armoured Core games price have been increasing exponentiallyArmoured Core Games Price Increase

Alongside the upcoming Armoured Core 6, From Software is also currently working on a new DLC for the smash hit Elden Ring.

The Hype Of Armoured Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon

Therefore, to prepare for the new Armoured Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon, players have been revisiting the older members of the Armoured Core series. Using the Price Charting, we can deduce that over 90% of the games in the Armoured Core series have had eye-watering price tags associated with them for the past few years. Not only have they seen an increase in price, but in popularity too.

Armoured Core Games Price Increase

The most notable increase was a 350% increase in the price of the first Armoured Core game for PlayStation 1. A fully sealed copy of this game was selling for around $32 in early 2021.  This is nothing compared to its peak of over $220 early this year after the announcement of the new Armoured Core game in December of last year before calming down and settling at just over $110.

It seems that everyone is after the first Armoured Core game, but it is not the only one to see a rise in price. Titles like the Armoured Core 3 and Armoured Core 4 that were in the $20 – $30 price range are now retailing for over $60. While the most recent title, Armoured Core Last Raven, has been retailing for over $150. The prices seem to be somewhat stable as of now, but it is uncertain for how long.

The new Armoured Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is set to release in late August this year and will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. For more information on Armoured Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, visit its Official Website here. To see more news and updates on other games such as this, visit our blog page.

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