Delete character in once human

Can You Delete Your Character in Once Human? Explained

Similar to CyberPunk 2077, in developer Starry Studio’s RPG game, you can make your own avatar but you can’t delete character in Once Human. Getting stuck with a character you don’t like can be frustrating. Sometimes, you might make a mistake, like choosing the wrong server. So, can you delete your character and start over?

Once Human has launched its servers globally, and like many new games, it’s had some problems. Players have faced long queues and connection issues. One major problem is that they can’t delete their character or understand what server choose in Once Human.

So here is everything you need to know about deleting your character in Once Human.

Bad News: You Can’t Delete Character in Once Human

Delete character in once human
Image Source: Starry Studio

Unfortunately, right now, you can’t delete your character in Once Human. If you created your character on the wrong server, you’re stuck with it. Even if you switch platforms with crossplay enabled, you’ll still have the same character on the chosen server. One account means one character.

The Reason Behind This Issue

Delete character in once human
Image Source: Starry Studio

This isn’t how the game is supposed to work. According to the official Once Human Discord, this is a technical bug. The developers are working on a fix. When it’s resolved, we should see both a create character button and a delete character button.

Possible Solutions

While waiting for the fix, there are a couple of things you can try:

  1. Create a New Account: Depending on your platform, you can create a new account. This might be a hassle, but it’s one way to start fresh.
  2. Contact Support: You can try reaching out to Starry Studios’ support team to see if they can delete your character from their end. This might be done through Twitter or other support channels. However, since the issue is a technical limitation, there’s no guarantee they can help.

What Server To Choose In Once Human?

Delete character in once human
Image Source: Starry Studio

Until the fix is in place, it’s crucial to be very careful when selecting your server. You aren’t locked into a server until you create a character. But once you do, you can’t switch from a PvP server to a PvE server or the other way around.

Make sure you’re on the same server as your friends and in the mode you prefer. It’s a good idea to select “All Main Scenarios” to get the most out of the game. Scenarios are in-game events that change often and progress quickly, so you’ll want to participate to earn rewards on your main account.

For now, if you need to delete character in Once Human, you’re out of luck. Be very careful when creating your character and choosing your server. Keep an eye on official updates for a fix to this problem. Once it’s resolved, you’ll be able to delete characters and change servers as needed.

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