Dark and darker stats explained How do stats work in dark and darker

Dark and Darker Stats Explained

How do stats work in Dark and Darker? There are many stats in Ironmace’s dungeon crawler, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. In this guide, we’ve got Dark and Darker stats explained for all the newbies of the game. In Dark and Darker, you can play different types of characters and use a lot of stats that are as important as the gear you bring into each dungeon battle. However, the most important ones depend on your class.

With our help, you’ll understand how the game works and can manage the stats for your characters with ease.

How Do Stats Work in Dark and Darker?

Dark and darker stats explained How do stats work in dark and darker
Image Source: Ironmace

The game has many stats that help you build your character. Understanding these stats helps you decide which ones to focus on and which ones to ignore. This can change if you switch characters or run multiple characters.

All Dark and Darker Stats Explained

We will start things off with base stats and other general attributes. Each of these Dark and Darker stat is briefly explained.

Base and General Stat

Base and General StatWhat It Does
Strength-Improves physical power
-Increases weapon damage
-Moderately improves health
Vigor-Increases health
-Increases health recovery bonus
Agility-Improves movement speed
-Increases weapon swapping speed
-Increases utility item use speed
-Improves attack speed
Dexterity-Increases action speed
-Improves manual dexterity
-Raises item equip speed
Will-Improves magic resistance
-Increases buff duration
-Reduces debuff duration
-Grants Magical Power Bonus (increase spell damage)
Knowledge-Improves spellcasting speed
-Raises spell memory capacity
-Increase item identification speed
Resourcefulness-Faster interactions (i.e. opening doors and portals)
Spell Memory-Increases maximum spell cost limit
Utility Effectiveness-Grants bonus to utility items
Move Speed-Improves movement speed
Action Speed-Increases attack, block, and interaction speed
Spell Casting Speed-Increases how quick spells are prepped
Equip Speed-Increases equip speed
Regular Interaction Speed-Interaction with non-magical items
Magical Interaction Speed-Increases interaction with magical items
Buff Duration-Impacts length of a buff
Debuff Duration-Impacts length of a debuff

Enhancement Attributes

Dark and darker stats explained How do stats work in dark and darker
Image Source: Ironmace

Stats are considered “enhancement” attributes because they come from your gear like weapons and jewelry. These attributes improve your character’s abilities and performance in the game.

Enhancement StatWhat It Does
Armor Penetration-How much physical damage remains unaffected by armor rating (AKA “True Damage”)
Magic Penetration-Damage that bypasses magic resistance
Headshot Reduction-Reduces damage taken from headshots
Projectile Damage Reduction-Reduces damage from projectiles
Physical Damage Reduction-Reduces damage from physical attacks
Luck-Increases chances of finding high-quality items

Stat and Class Tips

Some base stats in Dark and Darker, like Strength, Vigor, and Agility, might not seem very useful at first. However, what you should invest in depends on your character and playstyle.

  • Bards: They benefit from Resourcefulness because it helps with the Persuasiveness modifier, which affects the length of their song’s buff/debuff.
  • Magical Characters: If you play a magical character, focus on stats that improve spellcasting. For example, a Cleric doesn’t need as much Strength as a Barbarian.
  • Barbarians: Barbarians start with higher Strength because they need that power for their weapons.

As you play, you’ll learn what’s most important for your character. This could be anything from movement speed to damage reduction. Remember, your gear like armor, jewelry, and weapons, also add buffs that enhance your general stats. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to create a character you’re proud to use in every match.

Hopefully, this guide has Dark and Darker stats explained to you and you won’t be confused next time you boot up the game.

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