grounded new weapons grounded fully yoked

Fully Yoked: All Grounded New Weapons & How To Get Them: Explained

The survival action-adventure game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Grounded has reached its final stage with the release of the Fully Yoked update 1.4. This update brings a plethora of new features, bug fixes, balance adjustments, and, of course, Grounded new weapons! One of the most exciting additions from the Grounded Fully Yolked update is the introduction of a wide array of new weapons to spice up the gameplay for both newbies and battle-hardened players.

grounded new weapons grounded fully yoked
Image Source: Obsidian

The Grounded Fully Yoked update introduces players to a diverse selection of new weapons, providing innovative ways to tackle challenges and engage with the game’s world. To access these weapons, players must either Remix their yard or venture into New Game+. Once unlocked, these Grounded new weapons can be crafted using recipes found in the Science Shop, designated as Dimensional Anomalies, typically requiring 25,000 Raw Science points.

List of Grounded New Weapons You Can Find

  • Ant Queen Staff: Crafted from fire ant parts, this staff unleashes acidic goo upon enemies.
  • Ant Queen Scepter: A symbol of royalty, perfect for summoning allies to your aid.
  • Salt Chipper (Tier III): Utilizes the power of sodium ions to mine objects with incredible force, inflicting a Finale Bleed.
  • Pepper Flake (Tier III): A deadly Greataxe made of spicy candy, causing enemies to feel the heat with Finale Fury.
  • Frosted Flake (Tier III): Menacing Greataxe crafted from minty candy, chilling enemies to the bone.
  • Fresh Edge (Tier III): Deadly axe infused with the fiery power of minty candies, delivering devastating blows.
  • Blazing Edge (Tier III): Fiery axe with the intense heat of spicy candies, striking fear into foes.
  • Tingle Tongue (Tier III): Stylish wave sword made of sour candy, sending shivers down enemies’ spines.
  • Sour Katana (Tier III): Finely crafted blade made of tempered sour candy, delivering tangy strikes.
  • Fresh Coldtana (Tier III): Chill-inducing katana crafted from minty candy, freezing enemies in their tracks.
  • Breathslayer (Tier III): Heavy sword with an arctic bite, made from minty candy.
  • Pickelmaul (Tier III): Mighty blunt weapon delivering jaw-shattering tartness, crafted from sour candy.
  • Wallopeno (Tier III): Powerful blunt weapon with a hot and heavy impact, made from spicy candy.
  • Pucker Thumper (Tier III): Giant bonking tool dealing sour damage, crafted from a chunk of sour candy.
  • Sizzle Striker (Tier III): Giant bonking tool inflicting spicy damage, crafted from a chunk of spicy candy.
grounded new weapons grounded fully yoked
Image Source: Obsidian

As Grounded completes its journey from early access to full release, the Fully Yoked update 1.4 marks the culmination of the hard-work by Obsidian Entertainment.

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