how did moldaver live so long in fallout how old is moldaver in fallout

How Did Moldaver Live So Long in Fallout? Explained

Amazon Prime’s new Fallout show, starring Ella Purnell and Walter Goggins premiered last week, offering a fresh new take on the franchise but also raised a few intriguing questions, particularly about Lee Moldaver, aka “Flame Mother.” Questions like – How did Moldaver live so long in Fallout or how old is Moldaver in Fallout?

In the dystopian world of Fallout, where survival is a constant struggle and secrets lurk in every corner, one character stands out as particularly enigmatic: Lee Moldaver, the Overseer of Vault 32, portrayed by Sarita Choudhury. But perhaps the most burning question surrounding her character remains unanswered.

how did moldaver live so long in fallout

Fans on Fallout‘s subreddit have delved into various theories surrounding Moldaver’s longevity, ranging from Vault-Tec’s cryo facilities to alternative preservation methods courtesy of influential figures like Robert House.

How Did Moldaver Live So Long in Fallout?

While Fallout has yet to provide a definitive answer, but keen eyed viewers have pieced together clues that might make sense.

One prevailing theory suggests that Moldaver secured a spot in Vault-Tec’s cryogenic pods, safeguarding her from the ravages of time. This notion gains credence from revelations regarding Lucy’s father, Hank, formerly known as Henry. As part of “Bud’s Buds,” a select group of Vault-Tec employees chosen for cryogenic preservation, Hank’s existence predates the Great War, hinting at Moldaver’s potential involvement in similar pre-war arrangements.

Furthermore, Moldaver’s pivotal role in cold fusion research, which ultimately fell under Vault-Tec’s control, could have incentivized her cooperation in exchange for cryogenic preservation. This theory finds support from fans who speculate on the significance of Vault-Tec’s interest in Moldaver’s fusion research and its potential implications for her survival.

How Old is Moldaver in Fallout?

Moldaver is shown both in the past and present with a 220 year time gap, which begs the question how exactly did she live that long without falling apart? The simple answer that makes sense is cryogenic freezing. Although we know she’s older than 220 years, but we don’t know exactly how much older.

lee moldaver How Did Moldaver Live So Long in Fallout? Explained
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Who is Moldaver and What Role Does She Play?

Lee Moldaver first appears in Fallout as the seemingly benevolent Overseer of Vault 32, extending a deceptive offer of aid to Lucy (played by Ella Purnell) and her family in exchange for resources. However, her true nature is gradually unveiled as she reveals herself to be the leader of a group of ruthless raiders, plunging Lucy’s world into chaos.

Yet, Moldaver’s complexities run deeper than mere villainy. Revered as the “Flame Mother” by some and hailed as a proponent of cold fusion, she emerges as a pivotal figure in the post-apocalyptic landscape, with aspirations to resurrect a world in rubble because of nuclear war.

These are just mere speculations and theories being discussed on the Fallout show’s subreddit. We’ll have wait for the second season of the Amazon Prime show to possibly learn about Moldaver’s secrets and more.

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