how to use fusion reactor in planet crafter

How To Use Fusion Reactor in Planet Crafter: Explained

How to use fusion reactor in Planet Crafter? In the vast universe of the popular open-world game, players often stumble upon intriguing items like the “fusion energy cell” nestled within the Blueprints screen. Unlocking this item requires traversing through the depths of universe, as this trending Steam game demands a Terraform Rating (TR) of 578.56 GTi, yikes!

However, even if you’ve reached this far, holding the “precious” fusion energy cell, you’ll still be wondering what the heck do you do with it because this item seemingly lacks a direct purpose in crafting or constructing machinery. But don’t sweat it, we’re here to help you out on how to use fusion reactor in Planet Crafter.

How to Use Fusion Reactor in Planet Crafter?

To put it simply, players must craft a fusion energy cell and insert it into a fusion reactor. This initiates the unlocking process for hidden areas within the area where the fusion reactor is located. Upon activation, you can have access to hidden chambers brimming with valuable loot. Once the room has been looted, players can retrieve the fusion energy cell for future use.

how to use fusion reactor in planet crafter

How to Unlock a Fusion Energy Cell

Progressing in Terraforming is the key to unlocking the Fusion Energy Cell. However, obtaining it demands significant dedication, as it is one of the final unlockables in the game.

Contrary to what you might expect, this energy cell is not consumed upon activation as it retains its integrity and can be reused multiple times.

Where to Find Fusion Reactors in Planet Crafter

The reactors are found within crashed ships scattered across the map. Despite its name, activating the fusion reactor does not provide power to other operations within the game. As of the last update, there are five fusion reactors. Here are their locations:

  • Cirella-IV (323:50:978)
  • Space Warp Gate (1572:83:-601)
  • Battleship (1535:18:1294)
  • Cinitat-II (-1325:85:435)
  • Ship in Volcanic biome (-1101:120:-709)

In short, figuring out how to use fusion reactor in Planet Crafter gives players a chance to unlock more hidden treasures and unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. So gear up, venture forth, and let the journey begin!

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