King of Fighters 15 Update 2.00 Patch Notes

King of Fighters 15 update 2.00 has arrived, and here are all the changes and improvements mentioned in the patch notes. The KOF15 cast is steadily being balanced, and this update is no different. This being a major update, it includes a ton of interesting changes. In this patch, some big additions include a new stage, a new rank, a new title to go with the rank, and more along with some bug fixes which bring quite a few quality-of-life changes. Here is the complete list of King of Fighters 15 patch notes for King Of Fighters 15 update 2.00:

King Of Fighters 15 Update 2.00 Patch Notes

King of Fighters 15 Update 2.00


Added New Stage

  • Added a new stage: “Boulevard Riyadh City”


  • Added individual character settings to the Pause Menu.
    * The available settings are as follows:
    Ash: Sans-culotte
    Rock: Deadly Rave EXT
    Shingo: Critical Hit
    Najd: Retribution of the Unknown

Ranked Match

  • Added new ranks: IMMORTAL and Ranks 31-40.
  • Players at the CHAMPION rank will be assigned a new rank based on the number of victory stars (★) held.
    ■ 0-24 ★  RANK 31-35
    ■ 25-49 ★  RANK 36-40
    ■ 50+ ★  IMMORTAL
  • Your exact placement in Ranks 31-40 will depend on how many victory stars (★) you have.
  • For the IMMORTAL rank, you’ll start off with 50 fewer stars than what you had accumulated while at the CHAMPION rank.
    * Ranks 36-40 and the IMMORTAL rank are excluded from Daily Boost


  • Improved matchmaking speed.
  • Made it harder for consecutive matching to occur with opponents fought immediately prior.
    * Consecutive matching might still occur if there are no other matchable players
”Similar Rank” Searching/Waiting
  • With the IMMORTAL rank, it’s now easier to be matched with players who have a similar number of ★ as you.
  • When there are several matchable players available, you’ll be matched with players closer in rank to you.
  • Broadened the eligible matching pool for ranks other than IMMORTAL.
    Example: Up till now a Rank 28 player would be matched with a Rank 26-30
    opponent. With this new change, the player will be matched with a Rank 21-35
    opponent instead.


  • Reset the RANKED MATCH ranking display.
    * Players who launch the game after the update will be added to rankings


  • Added the IMMORTAL title.
  • Changed how to get the ”Champion” title.
    * Players who have already obtained “Champion” will be able to keep it.

DJ Station

  • Added ”Proof of Succession” to the following album: THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV

Button Config

  • Resolved an issue where custom controller settings would not save under certain circumstances.


  • Resolved several other minor issues


Counter Hitboxes

  • Resolved several minor issues related to characters’ counter hitboxes.


Leona Blade

  • Expanded attack hitbox when performed after a Climax Cancel out of Slash Saber (Normal/MAX Ver.).
    * Adjusted to resolve an issue where it would whiff under certain circumstances.

Mai Shiranui

Air Chou Hissatsu Shinobi-Bachi (Normal Ver.)

  • Resolved an issue where, when activated during a Rush combo, the damage on the last hit was lower than normal.


Tou (MAX Ver.)

  • Can no longer be Climax Canceled on first hit.


Crouching HK

  • Resolved an issue where players could whiff cancel this with Super Special Moves and above.

King of Fighters 15 update 2.00 is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. For more information on future King of Fighters 15 patch notes, head over to the KOF15 official website. Street Fighters 6 got a big update in July, and with it came a new character who had a glitched move which could easily win you some games. Check the details out in our article here.

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