star wars outlaws jabba the hutt star wars outlaws premium edition

Star Wars Outlaws: Jabba the Hutt Mission Exclusive to Premium Edition

Notorious developers Ubisoft managed to sour the mood of gamers once again by announcing that the new Star Wars Outlaws Jabba the Hutt mission will be exclusive to the Star Wars Outlaws premium edition, priced at $110. In a galaxy far, far away, people are enjoying complete videogames without having to pay for “premium” for a single mission. Unfortunately, this ain’t that galaxy!

Star Wars fans, eagerly waiting for the release of the first-ever open-world game, were infuriated the announcement. Here’s what you’ll be missing if you don’t pay up for the premium edition.

star wars outlaws jabba the huttstar wars outlaws premium edition
image source: Ubisoft

Star Wars Outlaw Jabba the Hutt Mission

Star Wars Outlaws promises players an immersive experience filled with thrilling missions and iconic characters. Among these missions is “Jabba’s Gambit,” one of the many side-quests featured in the game that delves into the criminal underworld of the galaxy.

The mission unfolds as Kay, the seemingly stereotypical Girl-Boss, receives a lucrative job offer from none other than Jabba the Hutt himself. Tasked with settling an old debt owed by ND-5, Kay embarks on a daring quest to fulfill Jabba’s demands.

star wars outlaws jabba the huttstar wars outlaws premium edition
image source: Ubisoft

Sadly, access to this exclusive mission comes at a premium. While players purchasing the standard edition of the game for $70 will enjoy a myriad of adventures, they will miss out on “Jabba’s Gambit” unless they opt for the Premium Edition priced at $110 or the Ultimate Edition at $129, both of which include the Season Pass.

The Controversy Surrounding Season Passes

The decision to lock a significant mission behind a paywall has disappointed the fans. But when it comes to Ubisoft, expectations are lukewarm at best anyways. While Season Passes are common nowadays, offering players access to future content updates at a discounted price, the practice of withholding fully developed content at launch is a cheap tactic.

It raises questions about the balance between providing additional content post-launch and ensuring that players receive a complete gaming experience from day one.

Looking Ahead

As Star Wars Outlaws prepares for its release on August 30, 2024, fans must weigh their excitement for the game against the additional cost of accessing exclusive content. While the allure of embarking on a mission for Jabba the Hutt may tempt some to invest in the premium edition, others may hesitate, hoping for a discount on the future.

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