Wuthering waves havoc rover build Wuthering waves best rover build

Wuthering Waves Havoc Rover Build: (Best Weapons, Echoes, & Teams)

Wondering what’s the Wuthering Waves best Rover build, more specifically the Wuthering Waves Havoc Rover build? We’ve got you covered. Rover is the main character in Kuro Games’ free-to-play RPG. You get Rover and all their duplicates (dupes) for free as in-game rewards. They have five-star stats, and their ascension materials are also free, making them an excellent character to invest in, especially in the early game when resources are scarce.

The Havoc version of Rover, obtained during the main quest, is a powerful damage dealer. Unlike many games where the main character isn’t powerful, the Havoc MC in Wuthering Waves is a powerhouse with potent damage.

Wuthering Waves Havoc Rover Build

Wuthering waves havoc rover build Wuthering waves best rover build
Image Source: Kuro Games

In this guide, we’ll cover the best build for the Havoc version of Rover in Wuthering Waves. This build deals serious damage to bosses and elite enemies, especially in the endgame mode, Tower of Adversity. While Rover has some area-of-effect (AOE) capabilities, the main focus is on single-target damage.

Wuthering Waves Best Rover Build – Active Skills

Tuneslayer – Basic Attack

  • Normal and Heavy Attacks from Basic Attacks are not the main priority for Havoc Rover.
  • Basic Attacks are mainly used to recharge a small portion of the Forte bar.
  • Heavy Attacks can connect to the 4th and 5th Normal Attacks to help recharge the Forte bar.

Wingblade – Resonance Skill

  • The Resonance Skill is upgraded through the Forte, so leveling it up isn’t crucial.
  • Using this skill at the right time is vital for recharging the Forte bar.
  • At S1, it gets a 30% damage bonus, and at S2, entering Dark Surge mode resets its cooldown.

Deadening Abyss – Resonance Liberation

  • This skill is a powerful nuke with high damage multipliers, making it the second primary damage source.
  • It costs 125 energy and has a 16-second cooldown, allowing for a burst of high damage.
  • At S4, it reduces enemy Havoc Resistance for 20 seconds, enabling more damage from Rover and teammates.

Wuthering Waves Havoc Rover Build – Passive Skills

Umbra Eclipse – Forte Circuit

  • The Forte Circuit is the core mechanic of the build, providing significant damage boosts.
  • It allows for enchanted Normal, Heavy, and Resonance Skills.
  • Entering the ‘Dark Surge’ mode enhances all attacks, making them the main source of damage.

Inherent Skill – Metamorph

  • Provides a 20% Havoc damage bonus in ‘Dark Surge’ mode, encouraging the use of Resonance Liberation after Heavy Attack “Devastation”.

Inherent Skill – Bleak Crescendo

  • In ‘Dark Surge’ mode, it recovers energy with each Basic Attack, aiding in the frequent use of Resonance Liberation.

Wuthering Waves Rover Build – Weapons

Sword of Night – Three-Star

  • A good temporary choice with an ATK% stat and a 10-second attack boost after using an Intro.

Lunar Cutter – Four Star

  • High base attack with an ATK% stat and a temporary ATK buff upon entering battle and defeating enemies.

Commando of Conviction – Four-Star

  • The best four-star option, providing a consistent 15-second ATK boost after using an Intro.

Emerald of Genesis – Five-Star

  • The top choice from the five-star selector, offering Crit Rate, Energy Recharge, ATK%, and high base attack.

Wuthering Waves Rover Build – Echoes and Stats

Wuthering waves havoc rover build Wuthering waves best rover build
Image Source: Kuro Games

Echoes in Wuthering Waves function like gear, providing stats and skills. The ideal setup for a Havoc Rover build includes:

  • Cost 1 Echo: ATK %
  • Cost 3 Echo: Havoc Damage
  • Cost 4 Echo: Crit Rate or Crit DMG

Balance a ratio of 1:2 for Crit Rate to Crit Damage. For sub-stats, focus on Crit, ATK, Normal Attack DMG, Resonance Liberation DMG, and Energy Recharge.

Dreamless Echo Skill

  • Deals damage 6 times and gets a 50% damage increase when used within 5 seconds of Resonance Liberation.

Wuthering Waves Havoc Rover Build – Team Composition

Wuthering waves havoc rover build Wuthering waves best rover build
Image Source: Kuro Games

Healer or Self-Sustain DPS

  • Baizhi or Verina are good healers, with Verina being the best support.
  • Danjin can be used if you prefer a self-sustaining DPS approach.

Suitable Buffer

  • Sanhua is a great free four-star buffer.
  • Yinlin, a five-star hybrid DPS and buffer, is another excellent choice.

By following this Wuthering Waves best rover build guide, you’ll maximize Rover’s potential and dominate the Tower of Adversity with ease.

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