Best Lily Build in Brawl Stars Brawl stars: best lily build

Best Lily Build in Brawl Stars: Explained

Labeled by many as a “broken character,” Lily in Brawl Stars is indeed very strong. After all, she is in the S+ tier of our list of the best Brawlers. This is why players want to know the best Lily Build in Brawl Stars. Supercell’s addictive multiplayer online battle arena and third-person hero shooter video game has gained popularity these days. With a jam-packed roster of Brawlers to choose from it’s easy to see why. Among the many Brawlers, Lily has become a go-to for many.
A nerd at heart and a total witchcraft buff, this Mythic Brawler can certainly throw down with the very best in the game, and with the right build, you can be unstoppable in Brawl Stars 2024. To become a pro-Lily player, you need to find the perfect build for her. Luckily, we’ve got the answers right here.

Best Lily Build in Brawl Stars

The ideal build for Lily includes the Vanish gadget, which are great for defensive plays, and a Damage gadget when you want to go on the offensive. Both of her star powers, Spiky and Vigilance, are strong depending on the situation. Health and Damage are also essential gears.
Best Lily Build in Brawl Stars Brawl stars: best lily build
Image Source: Supercell
Plus you can add an extra Gadget gear that can further improve Lily’s performance. Here’s a more detailed analysis of each of the star powers, gadgets, and gears that will give you the best Lily build in Brawl Stars:

The Vanish Gadget: This is a cornerstone of the best Lily build in Brawl Stars. After you activate it, Lily becomes invisible for a good 3 seconds. While hidden, you can maneuver her across the battlefield undetected, as you strategize your next move in the shadows.

The Vigilance Gadget: Among Lily’s Star Powers, Vigilance is the ideal choice for her ultimate build in Brawl Stars. With Vigilance, Lily gains a 15% boost to her movement speed, making her more fast, whenever an enemy walks into her Super charge radius.

The Gadget Charge Gear: For the best Lily build in Brawl Stars, prioritize Gadget Charge. It grants her additional use of her Vanish Gadget during battle, increasing the duration from 3 to 4 seconds. The enhancement also improves her stealth skills.

The Damage Gear: This is crucial to fine-tuning Lily’s combat effectiveness. This gear empowers Lily with a 15% increase in damage output whenever her health is below 50%. This upgrade will give you a formidable edge in critical moments in the battles, allowing you to unleash Lily’s devastating barrages of thorns on the enemy.

In conclusion, Lily is a good Mythic Brawler with a unique playstyle and abilities. Despite a few annoyed players calling her “broken,” Lily is a certified S+ tier Brawler, if you can figure out her strengths and weaknesses. For more Brawler related-content, stay posted to RetroNoob.

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