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AFK Journey Haste Buffs: Everything You Need To Know

If you are playing AFK Journey by FARLIGHT and Lilith Games, running around in the magical world of Esperia, you’ve probably encountered all sorts of stats in the game by now. Among the various stats that players encounter in this addictive RPG, Haste stands out as a key factor in determining a character’s offensive prowess.

Here’s everything you need to know about Haste in AFK Journey.

What’s Haste in AFK Journey?

An offensive stat, AFK Journey Haste enhances the frequency of a character’s normal attacks, skills, and attack animations. Each point of Haste increases these speeds by 1 percent, significantly increasing your damage output in battles.

Difference Between Haste and Attack Speeds

While Haste and Attack Speed may seem similar, they have distinct functionalities in AFK Journey. Attack Speed affects only normal attacks and animation speed, whereas Haste impacts both normal attacks and skills, making it slightly more advantageous in combat.

Heroes That Grant Haste Buff

afk journey haste

There are several heroes, or AFK Journey Haste buffs, that you can add to your team in order to enhance the overall combat efficiency. Some popular AFK Journey Haste buffs include Damian, Hewynn, Kafra, Lyca, Seth, and Vala. Each of these characters offers unique abilities that either increase Haste for allies or debuff enemies with reduced Haste.

How to Use Haste in Battle

To maximize the benefits of Haste, players can strategically deploy heroes like Vala, whose abilities like Night Maneuver and Checkmate manipulate Haste for tactical advantage. Additionally, heroes like Lyca possess skills such as Empyrean Blessing, which boost both Attack Speed and Haste simultaneously.

In AFK Journey, understanding the significance of Haste is crucial while planning combat strategies. While both Haste and Attack Speed contribute to a character’s offensive capabilities, knowing how to use AFK Journey Haste can give you the much needed edge in battle.

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