Sunkissed City: Stardew Valley But With An Urban Twist

If you’re wondering what to play after Stardew Valley, well you’re in luck. A former co-developer of the popular farming simulator,  Stardew Valley, has finally set a release date for his own take on the genre called Sunkissed City. It’s basically the same as Stardew Valley, but with some interesting quirks. Rather than it being set in a small town, the setting is in quite the opposite location; Apollo City. It also features some fascinating characters, and sewers that house monsters within them.

Among games like Stardew Valley, this one might be a fan-favorite. Its release was teased last year but now it has an official release date tied to Q4 of 2024. Here’s what to play after Stardew Valley if you wanted to play Stardew Valley all over again.

Sunkissed City: Stardew Valley’s Upcoming Sibling

Sunkissed City

In Stardew Valley, it was all about starting life on a farm that the player inherits. Starting out with something that was mostly boulders, and over time developing it into a fully functional piece of agricultural land. Sunkissed City has the same concept, but the application is in reverse. Rather than moving away from cities, you move into one.

You start out as a pioneer for the Pico corporation and your objective is mostly speaking highly of the corporation and its drive in making an eco friendly environment for the people of the city. Your other objectives include, similar to Stardew Valley, cultivating relationships with the people of the city. You can also customize your home with furniture, wallpaper, and other decorations, and you can also occupy yourself with multiple activities like cooking, fishing, getting a makeover at the salon, or even heading into the sewers and checking out some monsters.

Sunkissed City

The relationships with the interesting characters among the population of the city is a bit of a mystery. It is not confirmed that the game will have romance like Stardew Valley does, but some bits are almost bound to be included like the NPCs giving you a better view into their life, and getting better treatment from them as you improve the relationship. The game also includes forest that are home to some creatures called the Keby and it is said that these creatures will be your main partners when it comes to solving Apollo City’s monster problem. The game will be featuring online multiplayer and even split screen co-op with adjustable difficulty settings and other quality-of-life settings for players.

This game seems to feature some of the best features of Stardew Valley, which makes it one of the best games like Stardew Valley. Sunkissed City, is set to release somewhere within Q4 of 2024. If you want to find out more about the game, check out Sunkissed City‘s official steam page. The platforms that would be featuring this game are currently PC, Steam Deck, and other handhelds.

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