MSI Handheld Details Leaked: Welcome The ‘Claw’

Handheld consoles are going through something of a Renaissance, and have proven themselves to be great for gaming on the go. Newer handheld consoles like the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and Lenovo Legion have been seeing a lot of success, and it seems like MSI wants a piece of the pie too. Leaks have surfaced about MSI’s own handheld device called the Claw.

MSI Handheld Gaming Console Leaked

MSI had teased the new MSI handheld device only a little while prior to the leak, and the leak features an image of the console which gives us a better look at the aesthetics of the handheld. The leaks were posted on X, by Wario64, as you can see below.

Along with the image of the handheld, some detailed specs were also leaked. According to the source, the MSI handheld will be powered by the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H, which provides much better numbers than the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme, but does not have a good reputation in the market. Intel processors are quite notorious and are avoided by most handheld makers as they come with hybrid P – cores and E – cores. This feature limits the graphics performance capabilities. This might be a major factor that limits this console’s longevity. Word on the street is that MSI has a distaste for AMD, and therefore the reason they went with Intel instead.

MSI Handheld

Competitors of the MSI Claw have some amazing features, like the ROG Ally being much beefier on its released compared to the Steam Deck, the Lenovo Legion Go having some unique joysticks that people have talked about a lot, and Valve recently released their latest Steam Deck OLED featuring a crisp and much smoother OLED display. Since only a few details of the MSI Claw were leaked, it has yet to be seen if MSI will add their own unique twist that will make their handheld stand out amongst the others.

Other features of the handheld console have not been leaked, and we have had no response from MSI yet. For more information about the console, when it is officially announced, check out Micro Star International (MSI)’s official website.

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