Steam Deck OLED Emerges Strong with Enhanced Features

The future of gaming is shifting towards handheld devices, with not only mobile phones getting more powerful by leaps and bounds every year, but also consoles like the ROG Ally, Nintendo Switch, and Valve’s Steam Deck in the scene. And the Valve has finally announced the release of the new Steam Deck OLED. Packed with upgrades that significantly enhance the gaming experience, the new Steam Deck OLED is one of the biggest reveals from Valve in this department.

The new Steam Deck OLED screen has a much better display than the previous Steam Deck, delivering vibrant colors and contrast. The new OLED screen gives a crispier look to most games, where visuals elevate the games’ experience. Another great feature of the new Steam Deck is the option for a 1 TB NVMe SSD. This gives you much more storage, allowing you to install multiple space-hungry games. With this, most people won’t have to manually put in a new 1 TB SSD in the Steam Deck.

The New Steam Deck OLED & Its Features

The transition from a 7nm to a 6nm System-on-Chip (SoC) marks a significant leap in the Steam Deck’s power efficiency. With these upgrades, and the price hike being tiny, the Steam Deck OLED is a much more viable option than the original Steam Deck, especially because it costs the same.

The Steam Deck boasts a significant upgrade in battery life, going from a 40Whr battery to a 50Whr battery, which increases its advertised gameplay time from 2-8 hours to 3-12 hours. This allows gamers to enjoy extended gaming sessions without constantly worrying about running out of power. This may seem odd that the battery size upgrade doesn’t merit such a massive leap. But let’s not forget that the OLED screen and the new SOC are more power efficient than the ones in the older model.

Steam Deck OLED

Valve’s Steam Deck OLED will be available starting November 16. If you are interested in the console, here is the official site for buying Valve’s Steam Deck OLED along with any additional information you may need about the console.

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