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How To Become Vasto Lorde in Roblox Type Soul

Achieving Type Soul Vasto Lorde is no easy feat because Hollow progression has proven to be a long and arduous chore but the latest update to Roblox Type Soul has certainly made things a little easier. And if you’re struggling as well, read our guide below to learn exactly what to do:

Understanding the Hollow Progression

Before you can think about Vasto Lorde, let’s break down the journey of the Hollow species in Roblox Type Soul. From Fishbone to Menos to Adjuchas. Basically, you’ll have to start at the bottom and claw your way up to the very top of the food chain… or die trying.

No need to stress about it, our guide will provide you with a step-by-step roadmap to help you get going in no time.


The journey begins as a humble Fishbone, the weakest of the bunch. You’ll need to feed on other Hollows to advance to the next stage.

fishbone 1 How To Become Vasto Lorde in Roblox Type Soul


As a Menos, you’ll tower over others but don’t rip off your mask just yet. Keep feeding on fellow Hollows to progress further.

menos 1 How To Become Vasto Lorde in Roblox Type Soul


Congratulations, you’ve evolved into an Adjuchas! But hold your horses, because the ultimate form awaits.

adjuchas 1 How To Become Vasto Lorde in Roblox Type Soul

Vasto Lorde

Ah, the coveted Vasto Lorde. This is where the real challenge begins. Let’s see how to get there.

vasto lorde 1 How To Become Vasto Lorde in Roblox Type Soul

How to Get Roblox Type Soul Vasto Lorde

Becoming a Vasto Lorde requires finesse, determination, and a bit of luck. Follow these steps to unlock the power of the apex predator:

  • Collect 25 Mask Cracks: Hunt down other Adjuchas and collect 25 Mask Cracks. Be careful not to lose them if you die, as each defeat deducts 5 Mask Cracks from your total.
  • Watch for Signs: Keep an eye out for words appearing on your screen and a change in your Hollow’s appearance. These are signs that you’re on the right track.
  • Hunt the Vasto Lorde: Search the depths of Hueco Mundo for the elusive Vasto Lorde enemy. It may take time, but patience is key.
  • Defeat and Devour: When you finally encounter the Vasto Lorde, give it your all in battle. There are no second chances, so make every move count.
  • Ascend to Power: If you emerge victorious and devour the Vasto Lorde, congratulations! You are now the pinnacle of Hollow evolution—a Vasto Lorde. When you’re ready, rip off your mask and become a Vastocar.

That’s all you need to know to become Vasto Lorde in Roblox Type Soul. If this guide helped you out, consider checking out our guides for other games as well.

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