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What Does ‘Failed to Extract Video’ Mean in Content Warning? Explained

Content Warning by developers Landfall is a fun engaging vlogger simulator that is all the rage these days on Steam. This new co-op lets you channel your inner clout-chasing vlogger as try to capture spooky phenomena for internet fame.

However, like any new game, it’s not immune to errors. One such error that players may encounter is the “Failed to Extract Video” message, which, fortunately, this one can be dealt with. Here’s a quick guide into what this error means and what you can do to fix it.

What Does “Failed to Extract Video” Mean?

When players encounter the “Failed to Extract Video” error in Content Warning, it signifies a problem with processing videos within the game. This error occurs when trying to eject the recording from the camera.

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How to Fix the “Failed to Extract” Error in Content Warning:

1. Host a New Lobby

The most effective solution to fix the “failed to extract” error is by backing out and hosting a completely new Content Warning lobby.

2. Preventive Measures

To minimize the chances of encountering this error again, follow these preventive measures:

  • Avoid Spam Recording: Refrain from continuously turning the camera on and off, as this can lead to fragmented footage, filling up the disc and triggering the error.
  • Designate a Single Recorder: Assign one player to handle all recording tasks to prevent multiple recordings, which can expedite disc filling and increases the chance of this error showing up.
  • Turn in Footage Promptly: Ensure that the designated recorder turns in the footage promptly at the end of the session. Passing around the camera among players can contribute to the error by initiating background downloads.

3. Saving Corrupted Footage

Although you cannot turn in existing corrupted footage that triggers the error, you can still save it locally on your computer for personal viewing. Simply press the F3 key while in-game to save the footage locally.

It is worth noting that developers Landfall are aware of this bug and are actively working to resolve it. In the meantime, use the aforementioned preventive measures and save the corrupted footage.

In the meantime, hop on to Steam and enjoy this highly addictive co-op indie game which is currently available for free on Steam until April 3.

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