How To Fight In Atlas Fallen: Atlas Fallen Combat Guide

Atlas Fallen has just hit the gaming world, and at first glance, it seems to be another souls game. But when one gives it a try, it turns out to be so much more. Still, we can’t deny that there is still a lot of influence of the Souls genre…and its difficulty. That’s where this Atlas Fallen guide comes to aid you and get you in the best shape to take on whatever obstacle the game throws at you. Here’s all you need to know about Atlas Fallen fighting techniques:

How to fight in Atlas Fallen Atlas Fallen Combat Atlas Fallen Fighting Atlas Fallen Guide

Don’t Give Your Opponents The Chance To Breath

Atlas Fallen is quite fast-paced. One would think that it would benefit one from going in, attacking, and then dipping out. And for most games, it does seem effective yet Atlas Fallen‘s combat system is slightly different. With the way that the momentum system works, and how close combat compliments it, staying close and keeping the pressure on the enemy is highly beneficial, therefore hesitation spells defeat when in Atlas Fallen.

Atlas Fallen Guide To Parry

Another reason why going in to attack and then getting out of the enemy’s range is that the dodging of Atlas Fallen is very scuffed, and could put you in a tight spot or just frustrate you if you get hit somehow. A more risky yet much more rewarding way to conduct yourself in combat would be parrying. Practice, practice, and practice. Get the timings right, and make parrying similar to second nature with the Sandskin ability.

Players often avoid using the parry ability because they think it’s annoying, but Atlas Fallen‘s parry window is big enough for you to not have as hard of a time as other souls-like games. The timer of the Sandskin ability resets when parrying instead of just becoming invincible for a second, so one can parry endlessly and in quick succession. For regular enemies, one parry will be enough to freeze them while enemies of a larger size will require multiple parries since there is more enemy to freeze.

Atlas Fallen Guide To Momentum Meter

Momentum is a key mechanic when it comes to Atlas Fallen. It is basically a buff with the condition; attacking. As mentioned before, close combat and momentum complement each other well. When you attack, your momentum meter bar fills up a bit which in turn buffs your attack’s damage and range. Therefore the more pressure you keep on your enemy, the more potent your attacks will become.

Another thing to know about the momentum meter is that it’s split into three sections, each allowing you to either do a number of attacks or apply a passive buff. After the first section is filled, you will be able to perform a Shatter Attack that freezes the enemy and does a lot of damage. When you fill-up the other bars, you can also use the effects of Essence Stones, which will either give you a buff or allow you to use another potent attack.

Fair warning, people tend to panic using the Shatter Attack, to the point that they use them as soon as they get it. Remember, your aim is to fight the opponents efficiently, not to fill up the Momentum Meter and use the Shatter Attack. Players miss out when the Momentum Meter is not full since filling up the entire meter will make the attack more potent.

And let’s not forget the Essence Stones. As mentioned, they can allow you to use more powerful attacks like the Shatter Attack, all while using less of the meter. As you progress further, you will come upon Essence Stones that will give you an attack or buff that will fit your playstyle and allow you to perform Essence Stone moves instead of the Shatter Attack in situations where the Essence Stone Attack is more suited.

Atlas Fallen Combat: Aerial

Atlas Fallen combat can go aerial mode, and it’s quite useful if you want to traumatize a boss or two. The larger bosses that only have moves that hit you on the ground are going to be very easy to deal with when just fighting them where they can’t reach since as long as you keep hitting them, you’re not going back down. Additionally, the ground slam is a useful tool to do a finisher move on one enemy while another is some distance away, as it really doesn’t require much aim or camera movement, and once you have confirmed the enemy is gonna die from the slam, you can easily switch your focus while executing the slam.

Atlas Fallen Fighting Awareness

This might sound intimidating, but the game itself will aid you in this. By awareness, it means utilizing the visual indicators you get when an enemy is about to hit you that’s not on your screen and the top left section of the screen shows you the weaknesses in the structure of bosses and other adversaries that are difficult to deal with. The latter is quite useful as it could save you time by letting you know which part to target to deal with the enemy most efficiently.

Additionally, destroying the parts is a great way to get better loot. If you are lacking anything or just want to make the fight a bit more worthwhile, breaking the body parts is an awesome idea. When the body parts are broken, the enemy will go into enraged mode. This is pretty much a berserker mode where the enemies will do more damage, be faster, and have stronger attacks in general but at the same time take more damage. Since you will be good enough to deal with the buffs the enemy has in enraged mode after implementing this guide, defeating these powerful foes will be no more than child’s play.

Keep in mind, just reading a guide won’t help anyone. If you ask even the best players to write a guide on how to fight in Atlas Fallen, it won’t make someone amazing overnight. Hence we must practice, implement our learnings and keep on striving to improve.

Atlas Fallen is available to play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. For more information about the game, head on over to their official website. If you are interested to improve in other games, you might want to head on over to our Overwatch 2 guide to rank up and get better.

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