how to get dragon balls in anime roulette

How to get Dragon Balls in Anime Roulette? Explained

Wondering how to get Dragon Balls in Anime Roulette? That’s big question that’s on every anime roulette gamer’s mind, because they are needed in almost every single recipe and those pesky orange spheres are super hard to find! Most players would tell you that Dragons Balls can be found all over the map but here’s the kicker — You have realistically 1/1000 chance of a Dragon Ball spawn.

how to get dragon balls in anime roulette

We’re here to help you catch those rare and elusive orange, crystalline spheres in Roblox. With a really simple trick, you’ll be hoarding Dragon Balls left and right on Anime Roulette.

Here’s How to get Dragon Balls in Anime Roulette?

For starters, the best place to search for Roblox Dragon Balls are the snowy biomes. That’s because in Roblox Anime Roulette, Dragon Balls have a higher spawn rate in snowy areas.

But if you REALLY want a Dragon Ball, then it is recommended you go to a private server as they are freely available there.

If you’re on PC, the best strategy is to open the Roblox Anime Roulette page, search for servers in ascending order. Essentially just keep joining these servers because when you join them the items are already going to be set with most of the people in the server are going to be away from their keyboards, aka “afking,” so you can just join in and leave really fast.

Once you join a server, just scroll out and see if you can see a Dragon Ball as there’s only eight spots they spawn. So you just have to look for these eight spots on the map. This whole process might take a minute or two so be patient. It’s better than sitting around waiting on lady luck to drop a Dragon Ball right in your lap. Just repeat the process until you have as many as you need.

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