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How to Get Hollow Box Type Soul in Roblox

Popular RPG Roblox has recently received a major update to its Bleach inspired, bringing in thrilling raids and the new Hollow Box Type Soul and Spirit Box Type Soul.

These raids introduce coveted rewards, including the sought-after Unobtainable (UNOB) items and legendary loot such as the Hollow Box and Spirit Box (for Quincies).

Obtaining these Hollow Box Type Soul and Spirit Box Type Soul can be a challenge, especially if you’re competing against other players with lightning fast reflexes. But no need to worry, as one Type Soul player discovered, there’s a simple, yet cunning, solution to help you secure all the desirable loot without any hassle in Type Soul.

Here’s How You Get UNOB, Hollow Box Type Soul, and Other Legendary Loot

Wait Under the Supply Drop: Position yourself strategically underneath the supply drop and patiently wait as other players do the same. When it lands, swiftly gather all the loot it contains, easier said than done. But to gain an edge on others, you can use auto-clickers for faster collection.

Become a Quincy: If you’ve joined the Quincy clan, use the knockback attack ability to your advantage. This powerful skill allows you to repel multiple enemies simultaneously, providing you with a window of opportunity to loot while your opponents are incapacitated.

Be Sneaky: Timing is crucial when it comes to securing loot from supply drops. Sneak up behind other players and activate the knockback attack as soon as the loot becomes accessible. This devious strategy give you the element of surprise and ensures you have the upper hand in grabbing the loot before others. But it won’t help you make friends, that’s for sure.

hollow box type soul

Pop Into a Raid Server During a Supply Drop: You don’t necessarily need to be part of the winning team or raid to access supply drops. Keep an eye out for servers with ongoing supply drops and join them promptly. This enables you to stealthily swoop in and claim the loot boxes for yourself.

Explore Diverse Loot Options: Whether you’re in search of UNOB items, legendary gear, or skill boxes, the supply drops offer a wide array of valuable loot. Explore different supply drop locations to maximize your chances of acquiring rare items.

By using these clever tactics and using Quincy, any other character with  the knockback attack, you can improve your chances of securing Hollow Box Type Soul or Spirit Box Type Soul.

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