Starfield Mod Overhauls Its Worst Combat Features

Starfield was easily one of the biggest games to release in 2023, but most fans aren’t very happy with the game’s AI, graphics, and even the entire vision. It is easily a great game hidden by endless flaws, and to some, it seems that Bethesda is hoping that modders will make the game better. And one modder has done exactly that and breathed life into Starfield’s AI. This fixes the game’s biggest weakness, dumb enemies.

By default, the Starfield AI department was lacking, even in higher difficulty one could shoot enemies multiple times and it would take multiple shots for enemies to react and take cover, which they were incompetent at as well. The enemies would take long periods to find cover, and then fail to use it efficiently.

Starfield Mod

What Does The Starfield Mod Do?

This mod, which is, in essence, a combination of two mods merged into one, raises the skill requirement of higher difficulties by tenfold. The Starfield enemies will be more aware of you, and the surroundings, and the aiming ability of the enemies will be leagues above the game’s original enemy AI aim. Additionally, the Starfield enemies will be quick to find cover, and they will not be exposing themselves. They will apply different tactics to take you down; like working as a group to corner you and then rushing in, or if they are cornered they will use strategies to get themselves some space, like grenades.

Not only does this mod make changes to the combat, but it also caters to the stealth gameplay of Starfield. If the Starfield enemies find a corpse, catch you in any suspicious activities, or engage in combat, they will alert their allies. If you go into hiding, they will stay in combat mode for a minute, and then be on high alert for another minute before returning to standby. And if they can hunt you down, they will.

Of course, this mod has much more, and if you don’t like a feature, you can just change the settings. You can see its full feature list and download it from NexusmodsStarfield also recently got its first post-launch update, featuring a bunch of quest blockers being resolved and a brief discussion about a few future updates.

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