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Stellar Blade DLC a Possibility But New Game+ Coming With More Content

Stellar Blade is getting closer to its release, and the director of the game is already discussing future plans for the Korean hack-and-slash title. ShiftUp is not entirely certain, but Stellar Blade DLC might be a thing sometime down the road. The game has become the most pre-ordered game on the PlayStation store.

In a recent interview, Hyung-Tae Kim, the director of Stellar Blade, shared insights into the game’s future expansion plans. While addressing questions about DLC and additional features, Kim emphasized the team’s commitment to player satisfaction but didn’t exactly elaborate.

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Devs ‘Undecided’ on Stellar Blade DLC, But New Game+ is Definitely on the Cards

For starters, Kim revealed that the devs at ShiftUp are still “undecided” about a post-launch Stellar Blade DLC. While Stellar Blade has gained a lot of interest as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, the development team has not thought about content beyond the game’s release. However, one feature that players can look forward to is New Game+.

What to Expect in New Game+

Kim confirmed that New Game+ is in the works for Stellar Blade. This mode will allow players to start a new playthrough of the game while retaining progress and unlocked elements from their previous run. While New Game+ was not available in the initial release of Stellar Blade, Kim assured fans that it would be added to the game in a future update.

All Outfits Are Free, With No Hidden Costs

Kim reassured fans that Stellar Blade would not include any hidden costs or microtransactions. Players can unlock every outfit within the game through gameplay without the need to spend real money. This decision reflects ShiftUp’s dedication to its singleplay game.

Evolving Gameplay Experience

Also in the interview, Kim discussed plans for ongoing updates and improvements to Stellar Blade. He mentioned a balanced patch planned after release to address any gameplay issues players encountered in the demo. Additionally, free updates such as additional costumes are in the pipeline as well.

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Stellar Blade releases on April 26, 2024, exclusively on the PlayStation 5. While the inclusion of Stellar Blade DLC remains uncertain, the promise of New Game+ and ongoing support from the development team is a good sign.

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