Top 5 Highest Damage Weapons in Monster Hunter World

If you are grinding away trying to kill the biggest monsters and get the best loot in Monster Hunter World for free, it’s ideal to be armed with the right gear. And for that very purpose, we have compiled some of the best DPS weapons in Monster Hunter World. There were some great candidates, but we have narrowed it down to these top 5 highest damage weapons in Monster Hunter World compiled in no particular order.

Top 5 Highest Damage Weapons in Monster Hunter World

Top 5 Highest Damage Weapons in Monster Hunter World

Heavy Bowgun

Some players call it the best weapon in the game when it comes to damage. It may be slow due to its weight, but paired with spread ammo it is a weapon of mass destruction. It can be modified to suit the player’s need and the scope can be useful for precise shots to knock down specific parts.

Dual Blades

Another candidate for receiving the title of the best, the dual blades are one of the most reliable DPS weapons around. They deal a good amount of damage, and they do it quick. The dual blades don’t slow you down which means you won’t have to forego your agility for damage. They can be charged to Demon and Archdemon mode through chained combos that can drastically improve their damage.


Built for medium range encounters, bows provide great agility with unlimited ammo and a decent chunk of damage. Players can either charge their shot and fire at the right window, or keep a constant barrage of shots while remaining mobile. Some argue that in the long run, bows have the highest damage.

Great Sword

A massive sword with the ability to deliver huge bursts of damage at the cost of its speed, the great sword is another great weapon for clearing monsters with little to no resistance. The movement speed is its biggest caveat along with some really bad blocking capabilities. Therefore timing your strikes with the Great Sword is important.

Light Bowgun

The light bowgun suffers in range, but compensates for it with its rate of fire. Essentially being the younger brother of the Heavy Bowgun, this weapon also packs a punch by delivering large amounts of damage over multiple shots. The Light Bowgun also provides mobility to let you stay on the move.

If you want to try out these weapons and really see if they are the best DPS weapons in Monster Hunter World, it is available to on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you want to see more information about the game, then make sure to check out Monster Hunter World‘s official website.

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