Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.39 Patch Notes

Deep Rock Galactic update 1.39 has arrived, and here are all the changes and improvements mentioned in the patch notes. This patch covers the fix of a lot of hair, beard, a couple of weapons, and more clipping through armor and such, even a sleeveless setting issue that was activated per the host’s settings before the update. Hopefully, the only clips that we see now are gameplays. Here is the complete list of patch notes for Deep Rock Galactic update 1.39:

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.39 Patch Notes

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.39


  • Optimized septic spreader puddles
  • Fixed a bug that caused Subata 120 neuro-corrosive toxic catalyst exploders and loot bugs to briefly disappear before their explosion
  • Fixed beard and armor clipping that was introduced in the last patch
  • Fixed a bug that caused Corrupter boss music to keep playing
  • Attempted fix for the triple bedazzled beard to clip less with armor
  • Fixed a bug that caused Weapon stats to not update in Equipment Terminal when changing a non-selected class
  • Fixed MC voice line in refinery mission after the liquid morkite extraction is done, if there are contagion spikes in the level
  • Fixed a bug that caused shield sound to only play for the host
  • Fixed randomization of pickaxe when previewing classes
  • Fixed that Corruptor worm pods did not spawn any worms
  • Fixed a bug that caused the version number UI to be enabled on restart if it was previously turned off
  • Fixed an issue where crossbow bolts would behave weirdly when shot at an elevator plant
  • Fixed incorrect voice line playing when laser pointing maggots while Bosco is there
  • Added 2 missing scrips by increasing plague challenges from 13 to 15
  • Added a prompt to follow the Ghost Ship Games steam page when exiting the game
  • Lowered the chances of MC, Bosco, and others getting a high score on the JettyBoot Arcade
  • Fixed that plasma burster missiles were not working properly as the client
  • Fixed sleeveless using only hosts options in caves, should now handle local users’ settings

Known bugs:

  •  The end screen sometimes has shown the wrong sleeveless version

Deep Rock Galactic update 1.39 is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, and PC. For more information on future updates and patch notes, head to the Deep Rock Galactic Official Website.

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