how many vaults in fallout total vaults in fallout fallout tv show

Exactly How Many Vaults Are in the Fallout TV Show: Answered

It wouldn’t be Fallout without vaults. As soon as Amazon Prime’s new show based on the beloved gaming series premiered, the first question that popped into everyone’s head was, “how many vaults are in Fallout?” The showrunners had some unique ideas and intriguing new characters for the Fallout TV show, putting their own spin on the post-apocalyptic series.

For all the “Vault-dwellers” wondering how many vaults are in Fallout, we’re here to give you a small history lesson, and discuss what you need to know about the vaults in Fallout, both series and in the game.

how many vaults are in fallouttotal vaults in fallout fallout tv show
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How Many Vaults in Fallout?

Vaults are not a fun place to be in, as they hold some of the most creepy Vault-Tec experiments as seen in the the Amazon TV show.

Since each of the Fallout games are set in different locations, players get to witness various vaults found in different regions. As far as the series is concerned, the Fallout TV show takes place in California, a place that hosts a few vaults of its own. The show also reveals details on just how many vaults in total exist in the world outside state’s borders.

how many vaults are in fallouttotal vaults in fallout fallout tv show
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The Amazon Prime show has confirmed that there are over 100 vaults. However, viewers only got to see four of them in the first season of the new Fallout TV show.

Vaults Shown in Season 1 of Fallout

The place where Lucy grew up in Fallout only accounts for one of the vaults in its universe. Designed by Vault-Tec before Fallout‘s apocalypse happened, the vaults function as highly secure, underground bunkers built to last for centuries in Fallout‘s timeline. Not unlike the video games, Prime Video’s TV adaptation of Fallout makes the vaults central to the show’s narrative.

Vault 33 serves as the primary setting for the Fallout TV show, portraying a seemingly idyllic community with a dark underbelly. The vault’s residents, including the main characters, are part of a tripartite society that engages in intermarrying, breeding, and resource trading. However, as the series unfolds, secrets unravel, revealing the sinister truth behind Vault-Tec’s experiments and the true nature of Vault 33’s purpose.

how many vaults are in fallout total vaults in fallout fallout tv show
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Vault 32 and Vault 31 emerge as key players in the unfolding drama, each harboring its own secrets. From cryogenic chambers to clandestine experiments, these vaults hold the key to understanding the dark legacy of Vault-Tec and its impact on the post-apocalyptic world.

Vault 4 presents a stark contrast to the other vaults, initially appearing as a refuge for the main characters. However, it soon becomes apparent that Vault 4 is a site of grotesque experimentation, where scientific minds once sought to create hybrid beings resistant to radiation. The fallout of these experiments leads to chaos and bloodshed, revealing the true horrors lurking within Vault 4’s walls.

How Many Vaults Are There In The Fallout Games?

There are a total of 120 canonical vaults in the Fallout games. The vaults in the show are eerily similar to the ones seen in the games. Each of these vaults serves a distinct purpose within its respective game, contributing to the immersive world-building of the Fallout universe.

Players encounter various vaults throughout games like Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76. Much like Lucy in the show, protagonists in the games typically begin their journey by leaving a vault behind, such as Vault 101 in Fallout 3. As players progress, they uncover the dark secrets hidden within these vaults, revealing the sinister experiments conducted by Vault-Tec.

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