Fallout 76 October Update Halloween Cosmetics Arrive

Fallout 76 October update has arrived, and here are all the changes and improvements mentioned in the patch notes. The damage inflicted to you from your explosions has been rebalanced, new cosmetics have been added for the Halloween event, changes to armor and power armor have been made, and more. Here is the complete list of Fallout 76 patch notes forOctober update:

Fallout 76 October Update Patch Notes

Fallout 76 October Update

Design Changes & Improvements

  • Gameplay: Rebalanced self-inflicted damage from explosions.
  • Seasonal Events: Added new costumes and rewards to the seasonal Spooky Scorched and Treat or Treat events.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Armor and Power Armor

  • Power Armor: Players no longer fail to enter Power Armor if the lowest charged battery is also equipped to a weapon.
  • Plushies : Updated Plushies to be more consistent in which Display Cases they can be displayed in. Larger plushies are now not able to be displayed in as many situations. NOTE: If you have plushies already in your displays that are backwards, you may have to place them again.
  • Underarmor: Alaskan Winter Secret Service Armor will now use the Secret Service Underarmor Mod Grouping instead of Casual Underarmor Mod Grouping.
  • Underarmor: Fixed an issue where the Secret Service Underarmor preview was appearing with the Alaskan Winter Underarmor paint applied.
  • Armor: The Raider Buttressed Armor mod now uses the correct model.
  • Armor: Arctic Marine Armor can now have the following paints applied to it; Red Viper, Free States, Nuclear Winter and Atomic Camo.
  • Armor Mods: The Aristocrats legendary armor mod now grants the expected increase in health and energy damage resistances bonuses as the player gains more caps.
  • Armor Mods: The Secret Service armor can no longer drop with the Weightless Legendary mod. Solar and Thorn Armor can now drop with the Weightless Legendary mod.
  • Armor Mods: The Fiberglass Combat Armor Limb mod now provides correct damage resistances.
  • Armor Mods: All Pocketed, Brawling and Deep Pocketed Combat Armor and Leather Armor Mods now correctly change appearance when applied.


  • Apparel: The Alaskan Winter Helmet no longer appears as a Luchador Mask when crafted.


  • Fermenting: The Brewery Fermenter has been updated to prevent it from being placed in both public workshops and in player shelters.
  • General: Addressed an issue causing various items to not show up in the crafting menu such as; The Auto-Axe, Cold Shoulder, Union Power Armor, Makeshift Ronin Helmet, and Gladiator Mask.
  • Prefab: Addressed an issue where players could not place items inside the Earthlight Lounge Prefab.
  • Recipes: Fixed recipes not properly appearing in the Workbench unless required Perk Cards were equipped.
  • Decor: The Vine Wall décor now comes with a half wall variant.


  • Mutated Events: Drop odds for plans from Mutated Events should be closer to expected percentage chance values after learning either all the Rare or all the Ultra Rare plans.


  • Cannibal: Players can no longer eat corpses while also using furniture.


  • Weapon Mods: Gamma Wave Emitter mod now increases the capacity of fusion cores.
  • Ammo: Fixed an issue where fusion cores were not showing their condition properly in transfer menus.
  • Ammo: Plasma cores’ maximum ammo per charge is once again 500 rounds.


  • Ally: Fixed an inconsistency in Grandma Junko’s dialogue subtitles.

Fallout 76 October update is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more information on future Fallout 76 patch notes, head over to the Fallout 76 official website.

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