Overwatch 2 Mid Season 5 Update Analysis

Overwatch 2 just dropped its mid-season balance changes for season 5. While there aren’t any massive updates to talk about, there are a few notable changes as part of the Overwatch 2 mid-season 5 updates, such as a gigantic buff to Symmetra, Soldier 76 buffs, Zenyatta changes, and more. For reference, we will be talking about OW2 patch notes that dropped on July 11, 2023.

Overwatch 2 Mid Season 5 update: Most Notable Changes

First and foremost, dps hero Symmetra has received the biggest changes in this patch. Her primary and secondary fire now do more damage and she also heals while holding primary fire on barriers. However, to compensate, the damage to her sentry turrets has been reduced. But be careful, her turrets will also reveal all enemies it targets.

No doubt, this will force Symmetra to play more aggressively rather than just placing turrets around corners for defense. She will likely be played more against shield tanks now that she is much harder to kill while shooting at shields.

You better watch out for Soldier 76 players too since he is more dangerous after this patch. He has received buffs across almost his entire kit with more primary fire damage, more Helix Rocket damage, and more Biotic Field healing.

These aren’t significant changes by any means, but Soldier is going to be harder to duel, and leaving him unchecked on the high ground may lose your team fights quicker than you think.

overwatch 2 mid season 5 update


Sojourn has gotten some very favorable updates to her primary fire. It is now far more accurate than before with less of a spread, meaning everyone is going to hit more shots and consequently charge up railgun much faster.

This is a huge change as it may make Sojourn one of the most dangerous dps heroes once again, especially in higher ranks. I can only imagine how broken a Mercy/Sojourn duo is going to be now.

Finally, Zenyatta’s discord orb has gotten nerfed after much ranting from tank players. His discord orb now has slightly less range and also comes off targets quicker than before upon breaking the line of sight.

This will not affect Zenyatta’s effectiveness in lower ranks, but at the grandmaster level or higher, tanks like Dva and Wrecking Ball are going to celebrate.

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