Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 May 8 Update Patch Notes

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Update for May 8 has arrived, and here are all the changes and improvements mentioned in the patch notes. Activision, the company behind the highly popular Call of Duty Warzone, have been on a roll lately. The current update is only a playlist update but the past few weeks have been filled with new gameplay improvements and bugfixes following the launch of Season 3. Here is the complete list of patch notes for Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Update for May 8:

Call of Duty Warzone


Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Update for May 8 Patch Notes


  • Replacing BR Solos with BR Stimulus Solos
  • Height & radius at which parachuting enemy players are called out have been reduced (BR)
  • Adding helicopters back

Modern Warfare:

  • Shipment 24/7 becomes Shipment 10v10
  • Adding 3v3 Gunfight Knives Only

May 1:



  • Added Tracer preview to Bundles

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the reactive weapon menu text would appear on weapons that are not reactive
  • Fixed an issue with Attachment tuning where adjusting one axis and not the other, then saving the weapon as a Custom Blueprint resets tuning
  • Fixed an issue in Gunsmith where all weapons would show a maxed out progress bar on the first level in the Receiver tab
  • Fixed an issue where the “What’s Hot” menu category was not functioning correctly for some Xbox Players
  • Fixed an issue where Prestige icons were displaying incorrectly in the Multiplayer Scoreboard
  • Atomgrad Raid Episode 01: Fixed an issue where Players could not equip the oxygen mask between teammates while submerged

Recently Updated

  • Addressed an issue where the Scoreboard could not be opened or would cause flickering for some Players in Multiplayer matches


Bug Fixes


  • Addressed a number of known crashes in Plunder
  • Addressed an issue where nameplates were appearing for some Players


  • Fixed an issue where a Player’s free Contraband weapons would sometimes not equip
  • Fixed an issue with the Revive Pistol persisting between some matches as a Field Upgrade despite a Player failing to exfil

April 26:


Al Mazrah

  • Plunder
    • Quads
      • Max Players: 120
      • Assimilation: Off
  • Standard
    • Solos
      • Max Players: 150
      • Assimilation: Off
    • Trios
      • Max Players: 150
      • Assimilation: Refill
    • Quads
      • Max Players: 152
      • Assimilation: Refill

Ashika Island

  • Resurgence 
    • Solos
      • Max Players: 52
      • Assimilation: Off
    • Duos
      • Max Players: 50
      • Assimilation: Off
    • Trios
      • Max Players: 51
      • Assimilation: Off
    • Quads
      • Max Players: 52
      • Assimilation: Off


Al Mazrah

  • Plunder
    • Plunder returns and is still all about the cash! Complete contracts, grab bags of money, take advantage of brand new public events, and hunt down cash-hoarders in a race to earn the largest stash.  Careful, with all that cash-in-hand comes key decisions: Do you hoard it, spend it, or bank it? Find your playstyle with Plunder.
    • How does it work?
      • Infil with your Loadout
        • Drop into Al Mazrah with 120 players, your personal loadout, and no gas on the map. Change your loadout for your next respawn in the pause menu.
      • Respawns
        • Speaking of respawns, any player killed during Plunder drops a portion of their unbanked cash. Grab the spoils of your kills, but don’t fret too much if you lose a skirmish, you can attempt to get your revenge when you respawn after a short wait.
      • Save Your Cash
        • Don’t want to lose your hard earned money when you die? Hit up deposit stations scattered across the map to bank your cash and keep it no matter what.
        • You can also find or purchase cash deposit balloons to bank up to 300K. Nice!
      • Hot Drop
        • Get a headstart on the competition by landing at Abandoned Supply Caches or Strongholds, which each have a single big-money-chest. These hot-drop spots are marked on the tac map during infil.
      • Valuables
        • Valuables now also spawn in loot across the map. Grab as much high value stuff as you can to sell at Buy Stations for more cash.
      • New Public Events
        • Plunder features a variety of new and returning public events for opportunities to earn big cash payouts:
      • Cash Drop
        • Look to the skies for parachuting in supply boxes filled with cash.
      • Contractor
        • All contracts earn double the cash reward for a short time.
      • Blood Money
        • Earn double the cash reward for killing other players for a limited time.
      • Choke Hold
        • Match going a bit long? The Choke Hold event triggers a gas circle in some long-lasting matches.
      • Attack Choppers
        • Triggered during Overtime, these choppers are dangerous but also make for great targets. Take down a chopper and it’ll drop a big payout.
      • New Stuff to Buy
        • Purchase Life Insurance at the buy station to lose less unbanked cash when you die. Or grab a Discount Card to pay less for later purchases.
      • Overtime
        • The first team to collect $2 million in cash triggers Overtime for all teams. In Overtime, all grabbed cash is worth double. The team with the most cash at the end of Overtime wins the match!
      • Plunder Challenges
        • Plunder has a set of unique challenges and rewards to earn!

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Update for May 8 is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, and PC. For more information on future updates and patch notes, head over to the official Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 website here.

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