Devil May Cry Anime Netflix Adaptation Announced

Devil May Cry is a series nearly everyone has heard of in one way or another. Whether it be through playing the action packed games themselves, or the countless Virgil memes that have littered social media. Fans of the DMC series are ecstatic because their favourite demon hunter, Dante, is making a return in anime form, as Netflix announced that an anime adaptation of Devil May Cry is on the way.

Devil May Cry Anime Teaser Trailer

The announcement, made in a recent twit-, X post by Netflix unveiled a promising collaboration between Capcom, the creators of the DMC franchise, and Studio Mir & Adi Shankar. While the exact release date of the DMC anime is still under wraps, the teaser trailer showcased stunning visuals and the promise of a faithful recreation of the series’ stylish combat and devilish adversaries. Here is the announcement of DMC Netflix:

Fans can expect to see their favorite characters, including the silver-haired demon hunter Dante, the enigmatic Vergil, and the witty demoness Trish, in all their glory. The anime is set to explore both iconic moments from the games and untold stories within the Devil May Cry anime universe.

Devil May Cry Anime Netflix

While specific plot details of DMC Netflix remain unknown, the teaser trailer and concept art promise a faithful adaptation that retains the series’ signature blend of supernatural battles and stylish swagger. Fans can’t help but speculate about the epic demon showdowns and one-liners that await in the DMC anime.

If you want to play the game series before the release of Devil May Cry Netflix, here is the official website for the video game franchise. Now is the best time to play older games with the DMC Collection. Although no amount of polish could salvage the infamous DMC2, the first, third, and forth games in the series have aged fairly well.

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