Far Cry 7 Leaks Reveals Story Outline And New Mechanics

A credible leaker, Tom Henderson of Insider, has leaked new information about Far Cry 7. The upcoming Far Cry game, currently referred to as Far Cry 7, and referred to as Project Blackbird internally, its supposed release date is set for fall of 2025. And although that might be somewhat far, there are still many big titles that are yet to be released just this year alone.

The Leaked Story of Far Cry 7

According to source, the story of Far Cry 7 is non linear, meaning that the story will not have a chronological order, rather the events follow a sequence that is almost entirely dependant on how the player will be playing the game. The story of Far Cry 7 will be about how a player’s family was kidnapped and the journey of the player to rescue them. The player would be belonging to a wealthy family, and the kidnappers of the family would be a group of conspirators knows as the ‘Sons of Truth’.

far cry 7 sons of truth Far Cry 7 Leaks Reveals Story Outline And New Mechanics

The part which makes Far Cry 7‘s story non linear is that the family members do not have to be rescued in any order, and you may wish to first rescue whoever you choose to. It was also said that you could potentially kill some of the family members, and of course this will have an effect on how the story further progresses. But it is important to note that these details may change because Far Cry 7 is in its early stages of development.

Rumored Mechanics For The New Far Cry 7

There was also the mention of a feature that is sure to alarm some, and that is you will have a time limit to complete the story of the game. It is rumored that the time limit is set for 72 hours in game (24 hours real time). And that the timer pauses once the player is inside ‘safehouses’, resuming when they exit. Will there be any consequences if the time runs out, that affect the story? Sources cannot confirm. But it is understoood that in order to fully complete the game, the player must rescue all family members safely and deal with the group of conspirators ‘Sons of Truth’.

far cry 7 Far Cry 7 Leaks Reveals Story Outline And New Mechanics

It was also said that there will be a new mechanic for interrogations in the new Far Cry 7. The new mechanic would make it so that the information one acquires from these interrogations have a chance to be incorrect. The person being interrogated could just give up information without much struggle, not answer at all or simply lie. They could also sometimes escape but it was said that it would not be as frequent.

A few other titles have also had some of their information leaked like Far Cry 7, like Red Dead Redemption 3. In the leaks, it was stated that Red Dead Redemption 3 is already being worked on and that it will take place before the events of the first Red Dead Redemption game. Details are in our article.

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