Escape from tarkov Update Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes

Escape From Tarkov Update Patch Notes – Game Engine Changing In The Near Future

Escape from Tarkov update has arrived, bringing numerous changes and improvements to this intense and realistic FPS game. This update focuses on enhancing stability between the game client and server, as well as introducing alterations to the HUD, fixes for practice mode, and more. Additionally, an announcement was made regarding an upcoming engine change and an updated roadmap for 2023. Here is the complete list of patch notes for Escape from Tarkov update

Escape From Tarkov Update Patch Notes

Escape from Tarkov Update Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes

List of Changes:

  • The key objective of this update was to fundamentally change the architecture of player display and synchronization between the client and server. The goals achieved include:
    • Increased the number of network entities present in the raid on Streets of Tarkov. Similar changes may follow in other locations.
    • Improved hit registration accuracy.
    • Increased the accuracy of positioning (position matching) of players on the server and client.
    • Reduced the chance of desync with the server.
    • Optimized network traffic.
    • Optimized memory consumption.
  • Major update to Oculus Spatializer, addressing positioning issues that could occur when multiple audio sources played simultaneously.
  • Weapon sound adjustments: Gunshot sounds now possess more volumetric depth while maintaining sound positioning. Fixed abrupt transitions from mono to stereo.
  • Adjusted interior reverb sounds when the character is wearing active headsets.

Balancing Changes:

  • Reduced damage to blacked-out limbs by 30%.
  • Slightly increased blunt damage.


  • Fixed the incorrect functioning of culling in certain areas of Streets of Tarkov.
  • Fixed practice mode settings resetting when reopening the settings window.
  • Fixed bots not spawning in the practice mode if the raid settings menu was not opened before starting the raid.
  • Fixed the display signature of thermal sights showing through the weapon.
  • Fixed the incorrect distance at which weapon flashlights stop being visible.
  • Fixed visual artifacts when changing the field of view during a raid.
  • Fixed and optimized the rendering of glass and transparent objects in Streets of Tarkov.
  • Fixed stutters in specific areas that occurred during sound occlusion calculations.
  • Fixed a bug where opened doors could muffle sounds or, conversely, fully transmit them when closed.
  • Player Scavs with a high reputation no longer lose Fence reputation if they decide to kill the Rogue bosses.
  • Fixed a rare bug where bosses or their guards would freeze after a grenade was thrown at them.
  • Road decals no longer overlap with dropped items, equipment, and weapons.

Please note that this update does not include a Unity version update. A detailed release roadmap for this year, including a game engine update, content patches, and more, will be published shortly.

Escape from Tarkov update is currently available to play on PC. For further information on future Escape from Tarkov patch notes and updates, please visit their official website.

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