Microsoft FTC Lawsuit – Court Upholds Activision Blizzard Acquisition

If you’re even slightly involved in the gaming industry, you’re likely aware of the Microsoft FTC Lawsuit. This monumental deal aimed to expand the gaming landscape for Xbox, garnering both support and opposition. Leading the opposition was the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), along with other giants from the gaming industry like Sony.

The Court’s Decision In The Microsoft FTC Lawsuit

Microsoft Activision Blizzard Microsoft FTC Lawsuit

In the Microsoft FTC Lawsuit, on July 11th, US District Judge Jaqueline Scott Corley denied the FTC’s temporary injunction. While an appeal can still be filed, there is no current news regarding such action. The appeal grace period extends until July 14th, and Microsoft has until July 18th to finalize the deal.

The Opposition’s Action

However, the court’s decision did not dissuade the FTC from pursuing an antitrust case against Microsoft. The temporary injunction aimed to postpone the deal until August 2nd when the case was set to be heard. Opponents argue that the deal is anti-competitive, which is likely to be the case, regardless of which side does the acquisition. The response from the opposition in the Microsoft FTC Lawsuit is that they are disappointed, but are thinking about how to pursue their case next.

While Microsoft has obtained approvals from several countries, the Competition & Markets Authority in the UK has chosen to block the deal within its borders. This development has sparked concerns among fans, who fear Microsoft may withdraw its products from the UK. Repeated requests for reassurance have been made.

Microsoft’s Response To The Court’s Decision

In response to the court’s decision, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer and Brad Smith have shared their reactions on Twitter, as shown in the attached tweets.

The tweets will continue in subsequent parts, indicated by the “1/” in the initial tweet. Additional information has been provided in the replies.

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