squad buster tier list

Squad Buster Tier List: Best Characters

Looking for the best characters to form your team in Supercell’s fast-paced multiplayer game, then you need to check out our Squad Busters tier list. In this free-to-play brawler, you can recruit famous characters from the mobile gaming company’s other popular titles like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars to fight in 10-person multiplayer matches. With 27 characters, each with unique stats, abilities, and evolutions, knowing which ones are the strongest can get complicated. But we’ve got you covered.

Our Squad Buster tier list ranks all characters from best to worst, helping you build an unbeatable squad.

Squad Buster Tier List

squad buster tier list
Image Source: Supercell

This Squad Buster tier list is based on how each character performs individually and in a group, as well as their farming and movement abilities. Rarity is also important, as a strong Common character can be more useful than a weak Epic one.

S Tier

squad buster tier list
Image Source: Supercell
  • Archer Queen: High HP and 140 damage points. Boosts the attack speed of all ranged units and occasionally fires explosive arrows. Recovers health when not moving.
  • Barbarian King: Highest HP in the game and deals 145 damage points. Heals himself when not attacking and boosts all melee units in the squad.
  • Bea: Deals massive damage and summons bees to harm anyone in her range.
  • Witch: Powerful attacker with 230 damage. Can spawn skeletons to fight alongside her.
  • Tank: Becomes incredibly resilient when paired with other tanks. Delivers a massive blast that deals significant damage.

A Tier

squad buster tier list
Image Source: Supercell
  • Max: Speeds up the entire squad, allowing for quick repositioning and flanking during combat.
  • Mortis: In his third form, he can revive up to four defeated monsters to fight with you.
  • Hog Rider: Gains a significant speed boost when running through a bush.
  • Medic: A healer that can also deal a nice amount of damage and has a lot of HP. Keeps your units alive effectively.
  • Colt: Deals a lot of damage, especially with his Bullet Storm ability.
  • Heavy: Super tanky ranged character. Shoots faster when standing still, making him a top draft choice.

B Tier

squad buster tier list
Image Source: Supercell
  • Bo: Excels at dealing PVE damage. Helps you acquire blue boxes faster, speeding up your squad’s development.
  • Wizard: Deals AOE damage and has an extra spell slot that bolsters your squad.
  • Pam: A capable healer who excels when paired with the Wizard.
  • Shelly: Great-ranged character with a special ability that deals additional damage.
  • Nita: Good defender, excels once fused.
  • Barbarian: Deals significant damage, is tanky, and is solid overall. Transforms into an elite unit when paired with another Barbarian.
  • Battle Healer: Boosts squad’s health based on her fusion level but doesn’t provide ongoing healing.

C Tier

squad buster tier list
Image Source: Supercell
  • Goblin: Provides a lot of coins but can get killed quickly on the frontline.
  • Greg: Lets you chop down trees for coins and emeralds, useful in early stages.
  • Royale King: Can spawn a minion but requires sacrificing valuable heroes to obtain, making him not worth the effort.
  • Chicken: Can give you Turbo Boots as a speedster, but many players find it not worth the hassle.
  • El Primo: Stuns enemies, but better tanks are available.
  • Penny: Uncovers hidden treasure, but finding a treasure map can be challenging on certain maps.

D Tier

squad buster tier list
Image Source: Supercell
  • Trader: Occasionally rewards you with emeralds when you gather coins, but retrieving them requires backtracking.
  • Mavis: Can be vulnerable when visiting a carrot patch, leaving your squad exposed.
  • Dynamike: Deals 60 damage points but isn’t very effective overall. Becomes stronger when fused, but is still not particularly valuable given his rarity.

With this Squad Buster tier list, you can form the best team to dominate your matches.

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