Fortnite Movement Update: Everything You Need To Know

The newest Fortnite movement update just rolled out, and it covers more than just the base game. The highlight of this update, as the name suggests, are the new movement options. These changes have been added abruptly, but Epic Games still gives you the option to adapt to the new movement with more customizability in the movement settings. Other than that, this update is most notable for the improved visibility and readability, along with some great changes to Lego Fortnite and Rocket Racing.

The New Fortnite Movement Update Mechanics

New Fortnite Movement Update

The main changes to the movement in this update were changes to:

  • Movement speed when crouching.
  • Movement speed when moving diagonally.
  • Movement speed when running.
  • Movement speed of camera when running.

Character movement speed has been increased in all the scenarios listed above, while the camera movement speed when running has been reduced along with some adjustments in the change in view while running as well. The changes to the camera are now smoother and aim to provide a much better experience. To change the character speed settings, you’ll need to login, go to the settings and then adjust it to whatever suits you best.

Other Update Highlights

There have been changes made to visibility at different times and weather conditions, changes to some icons, and more, which you can read below:

    • Certain areas of the map were brightened where it was a little too dark during night.
    • The visibility of the Storm’s edge has been improved so it’s more apparent how close it is, as it could be difficult to see.
    • The Frenzy Auto Shotgun and the Thunder Burst SMG weapon icons were too similar, making it hard to differentiate them. These icons have been updated to be more visually unique and legible.
    • Society Medallion icons now stand out more on the map and should be easier to spot at a glance. The visual noise present in the mini map when several Medallion zones are near one another, especially in the later Storm circles, has been reduced.
    • Food in LEGO Fortnite wasn’t reducing hunger very much, so adjustments were made to make the food more filling.
    • High-ranked racers have been experiencing long queue times in Rocket Racing. Epic Games has said that this update should improve the long queue times and that they’ll continue to monitor queue times and make adjustments if necessary.

The new Fortnite movement mechanics are available in Fortnite update v28.01, and if you are interested in reading the full patch notes, you can check them out here.

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