Pests at dolly sods in fallout 76 Control pests in fallout 76

How to Control Pests at Dolly Sods in Fallout 76: Explained

Bethesda’s 2018 post-apocalyptic action game, initially got a lot of flak, but it has a lot of fun side quests, including one with controlling pests at Dolly Sods in Fallout 76. If you’re looking to hop back in Vault Dweller 76’s shoes and explore the vast landscape of Appalachia as well as figure out how to control pests in Fallout 76, here’s a guide on how to tackle this quest and rid the area of pesky critters.

Dolly Sods is a destroyed campground in The Mire area of Appalachia. The location can be used as a Public Workshop. One of the harder side quests of this area is to control pests. Here’s how you can complete this mission.

Pests at dolly sods in fallout 76 Control pests in fallout 76
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What to do with Pests at Dolly Sods in Fallout 76?

To control pests in Fallout 76 mission at Dolly Sods, you first need to become a scout in Appalachia. Visit the Pioneer Scouts Campground to receive a series of tasks, one of which involves clearing Dolly Sods of pests. Your point of contact for this quest is Scoutmaster Treadly, who will provide you with the necessary instructions to get started.

Finding Dolly Sods

Dolly Sods is situated on the eastern side of the map within The Mire region. Upon reaching Dolly Sods, seek out Scoutmaster Treadly to receive your assignment. The specific quest you’ll be undertaking is titled “Stings and Things,” which focuses on controlling pests in the area.

Control Pests in Fallout 76

Once you’ve activated the quest, your map will highlight five different areas where you can find the pests that need to be dealt with. These pests include the Bloatfly, Bloodbug, Radroach, Stingwing, and Tick. Your objective is to gather specific insect parts from each of these creatures, such as the Bloatfly Gland, Bloodbug Proboscis, Roadroach Meat, Stingwing Barb, and Tick Blood Sac.

Navigate the Terrain

Refer to your map to pinpoint the locations of these pests and proceed to each area accordingly. Keep a sharp eye out for any signs of the targeted insects. Once you’ve located them, engage in combat to eliminate the pests and collect the required insect parts from their bodies.

Pests at dolly sods in fallout 76 Control pests in fallout 76
Image Source: Bethesda

After successfully gathering all five types of insect parts, return to Scout Leader Treadly at Dolly Sods. Inform them of your completion of the task, and they will acknowledge your efforts. With the quest officially completed, you’ve effectively controlled the pests at Dolly Sods, contributing to the safety and cleanliness of the area. By heeding the guidance of Scoutmaster Treadly and diligently collecting insect parts, you can easily complete the mission.

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