Warframe Update 33.0.1 Patch Notes

Warframe Update 33.0.1 Patch Notes

Update 33.0.1 for Warframe has arrived, and here are all the changes and improvements mentioned in the patch notes. This is the first update after the release of The Duviri Paradox. Quality-of-life fixes have been introduced as well as some changes to the Duviri quest. Overall changes include sound changes for Incarnon Genesis weapons and some quest fixes. For feedback or to point out any bugs, report them to the forums here. Here is the complete list of patch notes for update 33.0.1 for Warframe:

Warframe Update 33.0.1 Patch Notes

Warframe update 33.0.1 Patch Notes

The Duviri Paradox Quest Changes 

  • Temporarily removed Kaithe Racing from The Duviri Paradox Quest and The Duviri Experience – replaced the Kaithe Racing Quest stages with Hidden Chest encounters.
    • Currently battling some Quest and Duviri Experience progression stopping issues related to Kaithe races. So it is being temporarily removed to review and fix the issues. The team is aiming to add it back before the weekend hits!
  • Changed the hint text in the Quest to “Defeated the Chest’s Guardian” to “Open Chest and Defeat its Guardian” to better guide players on what to do during that stage.
  • Added more helpful transmissions to guide you through the Orowyrm fight.

The Duviri Paradox Quest Fixes: 

  • Fixed very old accounts not receiving The Duviri Paradox Quest on login.
  • Fixed progstop where Kaithe would not spawn next to player after reviving during the “The Covetous Courtier” stage of the Quest.
  • Fixed players that complete The Duviri Paradox Quest immediately after the Vor’s Prize Quest being unable to customize their Drifter in the Dormizone.
  • Fixed jump-scare worthy camera placement on Drifter after falling off bridge with Kaithe during “Find a Way Across the Bridge” stage in Quest.
  • Fixed Hidden Chest markers not clearing after the “The Prince of Fire” Stage of the Quest.
  • Fixed Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability leading players away from the intended location during the “Let The Hand Guide Your Escape” hint at the start of the Quest.
  • Fixed double waypoints appearing for Hidden Chests after failing the hacking puzzle in the Quest.
  • Fixed reaching the waypoint during the Kaithe tutorial not triggering properly to continue onto the next stage.
  • Fixed Dax combat tutorial not counting the second kill.
  • Fixed background music sometimes playing under Teshin’s transmissions in the Quest.
  • Fixed Dax enemies attempting to jump across the broken bridge to pursue you at the start of the Quest.
  • Fixed portal to return to Teshin’s Cave disappearing if player dies after collecting Paradox piece.
  • Fixed crash after aborting at the start of the Quest.
  • Fixed script error during the first stage of the Quest.
  • Fixed script error during “The Covetous Courtier” stage of the Quest.
  • Fixed script error during the “The Prince of Fire” stage of the Quest.
  • Fixed a rare crash during The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed general script error in the Undercroft and upon aborting Undercroft stages of the Quest.
  • Fixed script error in the closing cinematic of the Quest.
  • Fixed script error after the Orowyrm appears for the first time in the Quest.
  • Fixed script error during a specific Teshin sequence in the Quest.
  • Fixed script error during combat tutorial against Dax at the start of the Quest.

Duviri Experience Changes: 

  • Made several improvements to the Drifter animations during the Orowyrm fight:
    • Polished the Drifter’s landing animation when hopping to the last node on the Orowyrm.
    • Updated the Drifter to Orowyrm transition with brand new VFX and SFX – it is much more epic now!
  • Reduced the window of time that Dax enemies can be stunlocked after perfect parrying.

Duviri Experience Fixes: 

  • Fixed Client crash when Host Migrating during the Orowyrm stage transition (entering the portal).
  • Fixed white screen and progstop when a player is dead while loading into the Orowyrm arena.
  • Fixed an issue where Clients joining a new Host on Host Migration wouldn’t have their Decrees tracked properly.
    • Their selected Decrees would be restored, but not their stacks – which was causing further issues with the formerly stacked Decrees if they were popped up again as an option.
  • Fixed Kaithe having orientation issues after using Herd Travel to jump to other players on the map.
  • Fixed being able to teleport to Materliths (Riding Rank 4 Intrinsic) while controlling the Orowyrm.
  • Fixed certain Glyph Enigmas not showing Glyphs after shooting at discs (particularly when spawned next to towns in Duviri).
  • Fixed Drifter bleedout/revive status missing in HUD.
  • Fixed Exalted Weapons in Teshin’s Cave not using the same Mod Config as the chosen Warframe and instead using the Default Mod Config.
    • Exalted Weapons use the builds in your selected Mod Configs for your Warframe (i.e. it will use your custom Mod Configs if you choose them, or Default Mods should you go that route instead). 
  • Fixed spot-load hitch when taking control of the Orowyrm in the final stage of the Spiral.
  • Fixed Clients being stuck as Drifter (and being unable to Transference back to Warframe) in the Undercroft after losing connection to the session.
  • Fixed using Protea’s Temporal Anchor right after entering the Undercroft rewinding you back into the waiting area – causing you to be unable to leave or rejoin the Undercroft mission.
  • Fixed having the “Melee with fire weapon input” toggle ON preventing Drifter from being able to perform Quick Shots while in Duviri.
  • Fixed the Emergence Savior Arcane causing Clients in the Undercroft to be invincible.
  • Fixed being unable to purchase from Acrithis in her Duviri locations using resources you collected during that session.
  • Fixed “Unowned” tag appearing in the Default Mod Configs in Teshin’s Cave when you own the Warframe and all of the Mods in the Default Config.
    • It should only appear when you don’t own one or more of the Mods listed.
  • Fixed hint marker for Hidden Chests disappearing during combat.
  • Fixed issue where respawn animations would get canceled in Duviri when Transferring between Warframe and Drifter (using Transference Sync from Rank 3 Combat Drifter Intrinsic).
  • Fixed Dax enemies not following their patrol paths and wandering off.
  • Fixed the radius of the Dax enemies’ AOE attack during Envy Spiral not making contact when it looked like it should.
  • Fixed Orowyrm beam attack not being colored properly to match the active Spiral.
  • Fixed Orowyrm playing a repeated animation during the cinematic in the second phase of the fight.
  • Fixed Enigma activation VFX clipping through geometry and giving away the solutions from a distance.
  • Fixed Clients seeing their Kaithe’s tail doubled in the loading screen sequences.
  • Fixed Void Flood Ruptures in the Undercroft missing VFX when depositing Vitoplast.
  • Fixed straw in the barns around Duviri being unlit and pitch black.
  • Fixed extra large minimap markers for “Purge Limnus” encounters in the Duviri Landscape.
  • Fixed script error when selecting a Warframe in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed script error if Host Migrating while tethering to the Orowyrm.
  • Fixed script error when attempting to speak to citizens around Duviri.
  • Fixed script error caused by Last Gasp while fighting Orowyrm.
  • Fixed script error related to Ghost Mirror encounters.
  • Fixed script error with the Dax Equitem interacting with Dax Heralds.
  • Fixed script error with Sirocco’s charged shot.

General Changes: 

  • Individual Kaithe customizations are now exclusively available to purchase from Teshin’s Cave. Kaithe Bundles are still available in the in-game Market!
  • Made several fixes and updates to Incarnon Genesis weapon sound SFX.
  • Adjusted the gain and pitch of the Sun & Moon melee weapon’s sound SFX.

General Fixes: 

  • Hotdropped earlier today:
    • Fixed being unable to start The Circuit because Reward Path choices were not saving.  
  • Fixed unintended release of the Operator Keeler Hood.
    • Nora Night may have some future plans for this… but for the time being a script was used to remove the Hood from player accounts and refund the Platinum used!
  • Fixed Azothane’s special shockwave attack (blocking + Melee Strike) not contributing to combo counter (when equipped on Warframe).
  • Fixed being able to equip Guandao Riven Mods onto the Edun – Edun should only be using its own Rivens as intended.
  • Fixed an extremely loud sound SFX occurring when the Assassin’s Rush Decree buff is triggered on enemy kill.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to access Inventory after just completing The Duviri Paradox Quest as a brand new player.
  • Fixed the Feldune Drifter Hood missing the hood open/close toggle functionality.
  • Fixed being unable to deploy Extractors to Zariman nodes.
  • Fixed issues with the Drifter facial hair clipping into their faces and appearing patchy.
  • Fixed Drifter hair not appearing during the Vor’s Prize Quest while the Ascaris Negator is equipped.
  • Fixed being able to Donate the Watchful Paragrimm Decoration to Dojo.
    • Seeing as this is a one-time purchase from Acrithis, this is to prevent accidental donations from occurring. 
  • Fixed soft-lock when contributing Dojo Research to the Greedy Milk K-Drive Scrawl in the Vent Kids Bash Lab.
  • Fixed Clients not hearing or seeing the Host’s Cinta’s SFX/VFX.
  • Fixed the new Duviri Captura Scenes missing their descriptions.
  • Fixed several [PH] tags in Incarnon Genesis Evolution descriptions.
  • Fixed the “Operator Feldune Waistband” being incorrectly named as “Gear”.
  • Fixed Drifter Facial Hair descriptions using PH text.
  • Fixed several armor pieces having offset issues when equipped on the Baruuk Doan Skin, Drifter Loneryder Suit, Limbo Voidshell Skin, Wisp Somnium Skin and Bishamo Sets.
  • Fixed the Shell Compression Mod having an unintentionally high drop rate in The Circuit tiers.
  • Fixed being unable to chat-link the new Duviri Captura Scenes.
  • Fixed Drifter ability UI overlapping with “Transference Ready” pop-up for Transference Sync (Rank 3 Combat Drifter Intrinsic) while using controller.
  • Fixed controller virtual cursor snapping to loadout UI elements instead of the “Solo” Matchmaking option while using the D-Pad to navigate the dropdown.

REMINDER: The launch of The Duviri Paradox set the Enhanced Graphics Engine as the new default on PC (as announced in PSA and patch notes). There are many in-game Video settings that can be adjusted to tweak performance to your machine’s needs.

Known Issues: 

Issues that were listed at the bottom of The Duviri Paradox Patchnotes – the following is an updated version of that list. Any remaining issues will continue to be reviewed for potential fixes in a future update. 

  • (FIXED) Dying as the Client in Undercroft results in a white screen and revival.
  • (FIXED) Duviri Void Flood Ruptures are missing their VFX.
  • (FIXED) Using Protea‘s Temporal Anchor Ability can rewind you back into the Undercroft lobby where you cannot escape.
  • (FIXED) Feldune Drifter Hood does not have hood toggle functionality.
  • (FIXED) Unintentionally high drop rate for the Shell Compression Mod in The Circuit tiers.
  • (FIXED) The following Host Migration issues:
    • Fixed an issue where Clients joining a new Host on Host Migration wouldn’t have their Decrees tracked properly.
      • Their selected Decrees would be restored, but not their stacks – which was causing further issues with the formerly stacked Decrees if they were popped up again as an option.
    • Fixed Client crash when Host Migrating during the Orowyrm stage transition (entering the portal).
  • Players who own the Kuva Hek or Vaykor Hek may still get the normal Hek in Teshin’s Cave offerings when it should be offering its more powerful variants.
  • Host migration in both Duviri and the Undercroft leaving players with various issues. Spiral objectives not progressing after completing certain requirements.
  • Becoming stuck in perma-ragdoll after getting hit with an Orowyrm projectile while mounting the Kaithe.
  • Rune Marrow is not affected by Resource Boosters.
  • Clients sometimes see other players’ Drifters without bodies after loading.
  • Certain Resources do not list their Drop Location in their on-hover description in the Foundry.
  • Lighting issues for Fish when Maw Feeding in multiplayer sessions.
  • Warframe Configuration screen in Teshin’s Cave does not display equipped Archon Shards. This is a UI only issue – Equipped Archon Shards do apply their upgrades to Warframes in Cave.
  • Kuva/Tenet weapons do not display their rolled stat bonuses when viewing builds in  Teshin’s Cave.
  • Toggling Crouch prevents Kaithes from Sprinting.
  • Certain items in Acrithis’ store do not have dioramas.
  • The Circuit Progress lost upon failing a Circuit mission is currently not reflected in the UI.

Update 33.0.1 for Warframe is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. For more information on future updates and patch notes, head over to the official Warframe forums here.

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