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Sony Takes Down PS5 Pro Leak Video From YouTube

Sony has swiftly taken down the PS5 Pro specs leak video by Moore’s Law is Dead on YouTube, which went viral all over the internet. The video revealed some interesting hardware details about Sony’s PS5 Pro specs. As soon as things got out of hand, Sony’s team took action and struck the trending video and the channel with a copyright claim.

At first gamers were skeptical, but took notice once the information in the video got verified, stating that it originated from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Developer Network.

ps5 pro leak ps5 pro specs ps5 pro release date

Is There Anyway to Find the PS5 Pro Leak Video on YouTube?

Unfortunately, the YouTube video disclosing the PS5 Pro specs has now been removed by Sony, citing a copyright claim. Visitors to the video’s link are greeted with a message stating it’s “no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sony Interactive Entertainment.”

The reason behind Sony’s takedown remains unclear. But it does give some credence to the leaks if Sony doesn’t want it out in the wild. It could also be related to the use of copyrighted material in the video, leading to a content match and subsequent removal.

Moore’s Law is Dead has yet to comment on the video’s removal or provide any information about the takedown request. Any updates from the YouTuber will be shared here first.

Details About The PS5 Pro Specs

According to the leaked documentation, the PS5 Pro is purported to feature several enhancements compared to the standard PS5 model.

One notable feature mentioned in the leak is the inclusion of a ‘High CPU Frequency Mode,’ which reportedly boosts the CPU speed by 10% to 3.85GHz. Additionally, the leaked documents suggest significant upgrades in graphics capabilities, with the PS5 Pro boasting 33.5 teraflops compared to the standard PS5’s 10.28 teraflops.

However, it’s essential to note that direct comparisons between the two consoles are complex due to differences in AMD’s architecture. Despite the leaked specifications, the actual performance and capabilities of the PS5 Pro remain uncertain until an official announcement from Sony.

Unfortunately, the PS5 Pro release date is still a mystery, but to learn of more leaks, keep an eye on RetroNoob.

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