Florida Man Turns Original PlayStation Into a PS1 Handheld

A modder’s imagination knows no bound as these creative geniuses can make anything from scratch, that includes making a PS1 handheld! That’s right, a modder has transformed a classic PlayStation 1 (PS1) console into a fully functional handheld device. Named the PS Hanami, this portable PS1 creation preserves the original hardware instead of relying on emulation techniques.

The PS Hanami represents a fusion of old-school gaming hardware with modern portability, which means the user can experience their favorite PlayStation titles on the go. Unlike many handheld gaming devices that rely on emulation, the modder opted to preserve the authenticity of the PS1 gaming experience by utilizing original hardware components.

ps1 handheldportable ps1
image source: BitBuilt


A Retro Ps1 Handheld or a New Portable PS1?

Hailing from Florida, the modder known as YveltalGriffin flexed his remarkable invention on BitBuilt, a platform where modders share their creative modifications to old outdated consoles. The PS Hanami measures approximately 7 inches in length and boasts a built-in battery capable of powering the device for around 2.5 hours on a single charge.

To achieve the compact design, YveltalGriffin ingeniously repurposed an original PS1 motherboard, splitting it in half and folding it akin to a book before meticulously rewiring it. One of the key engineering feats of the PS Hanami was the intricate process of splitting the PS1 motherboard in half and reconfiguring it to fit into a compact handheld casing. This involved careful rewiring and assembly, akin to solving a complex puzzle, to ensure that all components functioned seamlessly within the handheld enclosure.

Additionally, they replaced the conventional disc drive with an optical drive emulator called Xstation. This modification allows the PS Hanami to run PlayStation disc images stored on an SD card.

There are a Few Drawbacks to the Portable PS1

While the handheld integrates a DualShock controller, it notably lacks analogue sticks, rendering certain games incompatible. However, the inclusion of rumble functionality enhances gameplay immersion for supported titles.

ps1 handheldportable ps1
image source: BitBuilt

Despite its impressive capabilities, YveltalGriffin acknowledges several shortcomings with the PS Hanami. The absence of volume controls and a sensitive power button pose usability challenges, while the device’s lack of heatsinks results in noticeable heat buildup during extended use.

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