DayZ Experimental 1.22 Update 2 Patch Notes

DayZ Experimental 1.22 update 2 has arrived, and here are all the changes and improvements mentioned in the patch notes. There have been slightly different DayZ patch notes released for both PC and Xbox. Both of the patch notes are very similar, but there are a few PC specific changes which will be separated for the end of the patch notes. Some changes to note are the damage reduction of knives and bones, reworking some of the sounds and UI, along with some changes to modding for PC and more. Here is the complete list of patch notes for DayZ Experimental 1.22 update 2:

DayZ Experimental 1.22 Update 2 Patch Notes

DayZ Experimental 1.22 Update 2 Patch Notes


  • Fixed a server crash related to network behavior
  • Fixed a Linux server crash
  • White fingerless wool gloves were missing their damaged textures
  • Dead animals would keep their collisions after being skinned
  • Bolts were instantly ruined on impact
  • The player could desync when changing seat or leaving a vehicle and falling down unconscious
  • The character position in the water did not change with the water level
  • Player corpses did not always float in water
  • Fixed certain exploits to look through walls
  • Loading a weapon with an integrated magazine was not loading all bullets
  • It was possible to throw two-handed weapons through walls if standing too close to them
  • The Sling Bag was carried badly
  • Sounds of certain explosions were not reflected correctly in the 3D environment
  • Animals would shift their position on the ground after being killed while standing still
  • The flare gun was reflecting wrongly in the UI that it was loaded with an empty shell after firing
  • Holding shift while moving in throwing stance would consume stamina
  • Gun shot tail sounds were not present when using a suppressor
  • Players could leave ghosts for remotes at the edge of the network bubble


  • Reduced the damage of the bone and stone knifes
  • Increased the damage of the barbed baseball bat
  • Increased the space the Army Pouch, Sling Bag and Duffel Bag are taking up in the inventory
  • Made the reception space in hospitals accessible


  • Watchtower’s roof widget blocks other wall widgets – a fix is in internal testing
  • Vehicles will keep driving after the driver is killed



  • The cursor could get stuck on the screen in certain cases


  • Added: ‘ScriptCaller.Equals’ and ‘ScriptCaller.IsValid’ methods

DayZ Experimental 1.22 update 2 is available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. For more information on future DayZ patch notes, head over to the DayZ official website.

For the live 1.22 update 2, we made an analysis for the patch notes that squeezed the entire patch notes into all the important stuff that you need to know. If you want to check it out, you can do so here.

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